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Types of drink with a combination of aloe vera gel and concentrate the grapes, etc., pomegranate, peaches, etc. Portugal and ...... All sweetened with honey

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Tel+98 021-3×××9901 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 021-33936152
AddressTehran, Republic street, street, nation, alley ancient tuning in, No. ٢٣ smara a
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    Industrial production in Melbourne will define chatrooms, relying on years of experience and the activity brilliant, using Nat of Engineers وپرسنل with experience in the production of a variety of heart health in the province of East Azerbaijan, this time the Honor is an exclusive brand \"نرمین\" produce.\r\nلواشک of نرمین in taste, and the color varied works by using fruit purees, Pure, is produced.\r\nبرخلاف most manufacturer's bodies in that country from mashed dates in تولیدشان use, and. in the production of products نرمین of fruit purees, Pure is used.\r\nواین issue has caused a lot of fans across the country find downloa a taste of the fun part when the consumption of these products, experience does.\r\n\r\nارسال products نرمین to all parts of the country and direct from the factory door, etc. is allowed. \r\nطعم production of this factory include...\r\nزردآلو*cranberry *Kiwi *pomegranate *mango *plums, *barberries, *Orange, *blueberry\r\n***all products are labeled with logo health indigestion health***\r\n***a factory, let نرمین from all the provinces of the country representative, active indoors ***\r\nشماره harmony وسفارش...\r\n09190907441\r\n09101394799 \r\nمرادی_نمازی

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    Inflorescences technological companies relying on the technical knowledge of experts trained and experienced in the field of production and supply of films and wrapping of specialized translation used in the packaging industry flexible پذیرFlexible packaging) film is back-adhesive, etc. of the talc and the sheets form the flexible thermal (Vacuum Forming , Thermoforming) کوتینگ and laminate, film, polymer ولفاف combination with the properties of the special activities they provide.\r\nاز the company's products paper لیمنت with آلومینوم for چاپدار and without print, with colors of golden, silver or other colors Metallic, with different thickness, etc. for packing a variety of food, pharmaceutical products, including tea, cigarettes, chewing gum and chocolate and .... Can be.\r\nآدرس website:\r\nتلفن contact: 02166082535\r\nنمابر: 02189779808\r\nموبایل: 09120808772\r\nکلیدواژه: paper, aluminum, steel, plastic, paper, silver, packaging, tea, etc. packing chewing gum etc. packing chocolate, paper, chewing gum paper, cigarette paper, tea, etc. wrapping tea, wrapper, gum, etc. wrapping the cigarettes, packaging, chocolate, single

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    Attract sales representative products from all over Iran

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  • Special sales of cocoa powder آلکالایز ۱۲-۱۰ brand \"luxury fine\"

    Special sales of cocoa powder آلکالایز ۱۲-۱۰ brand \"luxury fine\"

    Company مهکام powder, the San is the only official representative and exclusive brand \"luxury fine\" in Iran is proud to sell, cocoa powder, آلکالایز ۱۲-۱۰ very high quality (آرومای wonderful and dark color) and reasonable price to the respected manufacturers, food industries across the country for major and minor.\\r\\nپودر cocoa آلکالایز ۱۲-۱۰ brand \"luxury fine\" building Germany\\r\\n\\r\\nپودر کاکائوی \"luxury fine\" utilizes the most modern production line cocoa powder in the world in accordance with the latest standards of the European day of production and supply.\\r\\n\\r\\nشرکت مهکام powder San ready to expand cooperation with respected manufacturers food in the field of supplying raw materials and providing expert advice by professionals versed in the field of production of dairy products, sweets and chocolate.\\r\\n\\r\\nجهت more information and get catalogue and sample product please contact.

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  • Rock salt for poultry and livestocks feed

    Rock salt for poultry and livestocks feed

    Salt\r\nسنگ salt\r\nنمک for livestock and poultry \r\nسنگ salt and salt for industry and feed for livestock and poultry and ابزیان\r\n-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\nبرابر single report characteristics of the group of factories, salt manufacturing, shrkn, salt, God bless salt for industries, livestock and poultry and ... is divided into three parts\r\n1 - rock salt \r\n2 - salt grain packaging \r\n3 - salt for fish farming and ابزیان \r\n*********************************************************************************************************************************************\r\n1 - rock salt : This product is the same as rock salt, or hunk of salt is in the salt mines has been produced and the direction of the industry, livestock and .. to this species is cattle, rock salt for the consumption of livestock and cattle, and exposed ودرداخا manger or the same place, eat the cow) \r\nگاو, rock salt, lick, eat \r\nسنگ salt for cattle should have several characteristics have \r\nاولا rock salt should not be of the type of salt sugar is because very soon dissolved, and the water goes up and so cows salt, more of the body need to get that cause مصمومیت salt. \r\nدوم that salt for cattle should خلوصیت a special be, for example, sulfate salt must have been from the magnesium close to zero have caused the leave and the mushrooms, ox tongue is not \r\nازطرفی because livestock need to the sodium salt is so because the chlorine salt with the urine disposal should ازنمکی use that na Yon be absorbed. \r\n--------------------\r\n2 - salt gradation for animal feed direction of the mains, and don, a chicken and ... that should خلوصیت a special. \r\n------------------\r\n3 - salt special ابزیان and fish farming \r\nماهی, سردابی \r\nماهی ghazal votes \r\NAND..\r\nنمک to reduce stress, fish \r\nنمک the direction of disinfect the breeding fish\r\nنمک the direction of parasite-free, and ...\r\n--------------------------\r\nنمک in sustainable products, salt for livestock and animal feed and to nurture and leverage, fish, rock salt trap in different types of packaging for and under the license of veterinary ارالئه show \r\n-----------------------------\r\n - rock salt, animal husbandry, stone salt, salt, cattle, salt, livestock, salt, scraper, cow\r\n - salt plant, mine salt, buy rock salt, cattle, rocks, salt, livestock, salt, the trap \r\nآیا you know that : \r\nنمک and rock salt for natural, has several types خلوصیت and analysis of salt with different colours, compactness and The ... that each to a case special used for? \r\nآیا you know, rock salt special scraper . The same lick, the cow and the trap with rock salt, available different? \r\nآیا you know, rock salt special scraper cow to cow, milk cows, fattened the difference? \r\nآیا you know your rock salt can cause درکمبود fat within the cow's milk? \r\nآیا you know the salt for concentrates and forage, and salt for poultry salt for cattle salt for the aquatic family, the other based on the research of salt - an other religion different? \r\nآیا you know the salt for disinfection with salt for parasite-free and salt for stress reduction, fish ghazal votes with an other difference? Salt.\r\NIF in the preparation of rock salt, animal for Animal Husbandry and centers, fish farms, or feed livestock and poultry to the problem stumbled ... and you don't know what kind of salt is better or what kind of salt to which the problem of the trap is better, you can get in touch with us, the most desirable stones, salt, cattle or نتمک for fodder or salt for livestock and poultry, and salt farms to nurture and leverage the fish to get here.Been putting rock salt in the enclosure for cattle and stalls. he ...

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  • Salt, sugar, salt, industrial 110

    Salt, sugar, salt, industrial 110

    Salt plant, etc. خریدنمک granules, salt, sugar, salt, industrial packaging, salt, seeds, categories\r\n production plant, salt industry, sugar, buy salt, sugar, the price of salt, sugar, salt, anti-hunk, 110\r\nنمک sugar or salt 110 salt or 120 coarse these are all names that are in the industry, salt industry and salt plant, to the seed categories to the salt granules, of which 8 mesh یعین 2.3 mm smaller and has usually 18مش are said \r\nنمک gradation NSK(payandehsalt)In the group of the central producers of salt - the same group of salt, sugar, or salt 110 is high, but ازآنجای that the words salt, sugar, or salt, 110, or .. Absolutely no resemblance to sugar, the grandson of salt نداشنه or Word 110 has nothing to do with gradation, the salt or the homology it or AFSنمک and no other option does not, therefore, in the group, central salt subsisting of this group,, salt, industrial gradation under the code NSKمیشناسند, salt, sugar, same as salt crystals or salt cereal with mesh categories, 100 and 110 of the most popular and most demand purchasing market, products salt products are produced is the production of this type of salt, i.e., salt, sugar, industrial use, and dose. Supply needs and orders بازارداخلی, markets, and external application etc. package diverse (20 to 1000 kg ) In the bag is a layered, layers, and laminating, etc. to accomplish the obligations with guaranteed quality at the time of the promise. export more than a quarter of a century to چهارقاره and ... part of the abilities and features group, central salt, the eternal is the only set that is possible to produce this type of salt in the daily capacity, 200تن تا400را in the area, we have the salt, sugar produced in collection, salt, subsisting, very popular and full contact between the cortex, a lot of guilds, including crafts, dig, tanning, etc. textile, chemical ... and even the food industry.\r\nThis group salt, sugar, usually to variety, gradation, is divided \r\n1 - salt, sugar, coarse Granulated salt8meshpayandeh ) that کدNSK-d is this type of salt, gradation 18, mesh, namely, 0.84 mm to 8مش, i.e. 2.3 mm \r\n2 - salt, sugar, (Granulated, salt 14 meshpayandeh) That code salt NSK-rشناخته the gradation 25 یا30مش up 16یا18 mesh is the type of salt, of average quality, and the middle between two sizes, salt, sugar, coarse salt, sugar, mix important and usually mind about factories, to oil company data. however, the size of the fines, i.e., 40تا 50مش it better from 5% exceed and mostly متسفانه up to 15% is also observed that the intensity of the product damaged and caused come down the quality of the product and the hunk, it is, but درشرکت salt, subsisting in all conditions and to invoke ازمایشات and reports, customers will never be permitted that the amount of fines less From 45مش and that too a maximum of 4% exceed against the proposed unit, the characteristics of the salt - better necessarily this product because there was seeds, 40تا50مش, make sure to add anti-cake (فروسیانید potassium), anti-hunk, we use\r\n3 - salt-sugar mix that with کدنمک NSK-m is known, this type of salt is actually salt 8مش start up salt, soft inside, the seed dispersal categories, salt, wide, is associated with this type of salt, more for industry, drilling mud ( Graded salt for oil drilling industry (drilling mud) ) Is used \r\nThis type of salt درکارخانجات salt, usually on the second or third سرندها is taken \r\nبسته categories salt : this type of salt, usually salt, subsisting in the packaging 1تنی big bag, the direction of oil company and packaging, 25 یا35 یا50 ...

    Food Semnan
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