Code and poisons arank

Code and poisons arank

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    Moisture Maker, fogging and cooling, full automatic

    _ارائه and sale of special series, new types of humidity instruments, industrial, factory price Now engineering, agriculture, Pars barzegar west to number engineering 020860195 Agent sale humidifiers and fogging, industrial cf is proud to offer a new series of products. _ Humidifiers and fogging of the best type of humidifiers and fogging produced in Iran with the quality of the humidity rate is very high, low noise, and low power consumption, yet high strength, for use in a variety of salons, education, button mushroom and Oyster mushroom and poultry farming, cold storage, greenhouses, Hydroponics, and earthy, warehouses, maintenance, fruit........ Technical characteristics of the : - This یونیتها in models and sizes designed that in addition to proper aeration can be used to منظرو supplier, moisture, and cooling requirements, the salon used. - Installation is very simple, there is - Ability to work with the waters of hard, salty water - Power consumption low at the same time, high power - Has different sizes with affordable prices for the different volumes - Has a cooling system separate, and the ability to function at the same time for the warmer seasons of the year, and hot areas garlic country - System heaters to prevent the temperature drop in the winter special cold and cold regions of garlic country. - The ability to control the ambient humidity with timer and sensor of humidity control - Ability to spraying and foliar spray and disinfect the salon automatically without the presence in the place - Of the features of this device, reduce the dust and soil air to ambient, with dust-like halls گارگاهی and ... The introduction of the samples : Model power aeration ( Cubic meters per hour) output (Liters / hour ) Weight kg dimension 4000 1200 – 800 10 30 54 × 43 × 75 8000 1500 – 1200 15 35 55 × 45 × 75 12000 4000- 3000 50 50 70 × 50 × 100 14000 4500 – 3500 85 55 75× 55 × 100 16000 4700 - 3700 90 60 80 × 65 × 110 18000 5500- 4500 12 75 85 × 65 × 120 Easy payment at the time of delivery - Send to all parts of the country as soon as possible - Warranty annual and 10-year warranties, the sale of spare parts Now engineering, agriculture, the barking of the sower, Azerbaijan Established 1376 Registration number 9253 Number system in agricultural engineering:020860195 Central office:Tehran, Hafez st, 2 – Go to martyrs ' square – No. 180/2 Postal Code : 96436 – 57138 Tel / fax head office:32253347_044(4خط) Mobile:09149380704-----09147907288 (Engineer, dynamic nikam) ایمیل

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    Sale نیمچه native chicken

    Sale نیمچه native chicken\r\n\r\nفروش نمیچه native chicken breed of the\r\nفروش نیمچه native chicken with vaccination complete\r\nفروش نیمچه native chicken breed of the\r\nفروش نیمچه native chicken vaccine has been\r\nفروش minor, and overall نیمچه chicken native to across the country

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    Produce all kinds of fertilizers, liquid and jelly, NPK

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  • Breeding mushroom, etc., compost, mushrooms, seeds, mushrooms, etc. sale of compost, mushroom

    The sale of compost ready for mushroom button with excellent quality. _فروش compost, mushrooms, direction, education, button mushroom _فروش casing soil is pasteurized mushroom _فروش seed Oyster mushroom and button modified _فروش all salon equipment mushroom(humidifiers, etc. fogging., the heater Heating. thermometers, humidity gauges, sensors, humidity control, etc.) _ارایه all the services in the field of mushroom cultivation Now engineering, agriculture, Pars barzegar West Faculty _خیابان keeper 2 _نرسیده to martyrs ' square _پلاک 180/2 _کد ZIP 96436_57138 Number engineering کشاورزی020860195 Number ثبت9253 Telefax:32253347_044(4خط) The management of the(engineer, dynamic nikam) :09147907288---09149380704

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  • Liquid fertilizer

    Liquid fertilizer

    The production of liquid fertilizer avian -fertilizer liquid amino acids-liquid fertilizer, potash, high -fertilizer, liquid acid lesions - liquid fertilizer, twenty-fertilizer, liquid iron, liquid fertilizer, on - fertilizer, liquid calcium, and a variety of specialty fertilizers, plants

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  • Flowers live in glass

    This product you can within the apartment easily maintained), and the control of its growth. without the need for irrigation, Inc. fertilization and direct sunlight. In the event of a desire for growth can better the dish containing the plant to a distance of 30 cm from the reading lamp, or any source of light other suitable (lamp فلوروسنت or lamps, SMD or LED). It should be noted, without the light sources listed also plant growth can be with this growing it a little slower would be. This way, over time you will witness the growth of the plant until a few months want to be.

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  • Sales representative pipes and profiles together

    Sales representative pipes and profiles together

    All kinds of pipes and profiles Jha the construction of a greenhouse with the best quality and the lowest prices, direct from the factory Governor

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  • Sesame Afghan

    Sesame Afghan single front pocket with a content of 52% oil 3/63% moisture and 0/89% FFA \r\nبازرگانی) Stronghold direct importers of sesame from the countries, Afghanistan and Sudan, by providing analysis and سرتیفیکیت without intermediaries Delivery, Tehran, Iran \r\nبازرگانی) Fort ready to cooperate with all factories and workshops, and other individuals interested in activities in the field of sesame. for more information with the numbers 09128452737 and 02144387418 please contact us.

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  • Heater Heating. heater, industrial heater, greenhouse, etc., heaters, poultry, poultry وکوره warm

    Heater Heating. heater, industrial heater, greenhouse, etc., heaters, poultry, poultry وکوره warm

    The sale of a variety of Systems, thermal: _هیتر thermal _بخاری greenhouse _بخاری poultry _کوره warm _جت heater _بخاری workshop _بخاری industrial _فروش a variety of Systems, thermal Super-باظرفیتهای 110.000, etc. 220.000, etc. 250.000 and 350.000 kcal for use in workshop, etc. greenhouse, etc. مرغداریها, etc. similarly, mushroom cultivation and... _با the quality of excellent grill, all stainless steel, electrical. thermostats, furnace environment, and the fan. fan ventilators with ghablbat channel, draw the direction of heat conduction, and proper insulation _با, show, Standard, Warranty, valid, and send to all parts of the country To get اطلات more with experts, please contact with the company. ***The company-engineering, agriculture, Pars barzegar West *** Number engineering کشاورزی020860195 number ثبت9253 Central office:faculty _خیابان keeper 2 _نرسیده to martyrs ' square _پلاک2/180 _کدپستی96436_57138 Telefax:32253347_044 (4خط) Mobile management:09149380704----09147907288(Mr. nikam)

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  • Liquid fertilizer avian

    Liquid fertilizer avian

    This fertilizer is a perfect combination of elements, macro, etc. micronutrient and a variety of amino acids and has a high percentage of acid lesions on the required herbs is that it can be the result of new technology, processing and combining elements, organic material, he said.\r\n\r\nانواع packing : ۱-liter ۱۰ kg and ۲۰ kg\r\n\r\nمزایای use: کودمایع avian هیومیکی., the Cody full, along بااسید lesions and amino acids that the lifter shortage of elements, stress, physiological, and environmental laws and, thereby, adjusting the PH of the soil acidic and decrease the PH of the environment, rooted, effortless, and the result of the solubility of the elements established, such as phosphorus in calcareous soils increases.\r\n\r\nتاثیرات on the plant:\r\n– increase absorption of dietary full consumption, including phosphorus and nitrogen\r\n– accelerates the germination\r\n– increase the resistance of plant to environmental stress\r\n– increase stimulates the enzymes and plant hormones\r\n– ability to chelate the persuasiveness of the elements of micronutrient like Iron,\r\n– increase the absorption of fertilizers and minerals, the dirt,\r\n– stimulates the activity of the root,\r\n\r\nنکات characteristics of the:\r\n– increases the activity of micro ارگانیسمهای beneficial soil\r\n– correction of the soil acidity(PH)\r\n– reduction of soil salinity

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