Printer, scanner, colored three-dimensional

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Printer, color, next, after scanning the desired object, you replica colored, it makes, perfect for corporate, advertising, printing and ...

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Tel+98 021-8×××6963 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 021-88936963
Addressخیابان ولیعصر، بالاتر از چهارراه طالقانی، نرسیده به میدان ولیعصر، خیابان, turquoise, etc., No. 19., the unit 3
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    Software edit professional photo and plug-in professional Photoshop and لایتروم

    Sell software, professional editing, photo, and plug-ins professional Photoshop and لایتروم\r\n\r\nلیست software edit professional photo and plug-in professional Photoshop and لایتروم:\r\n1 - Photo Recovery Software \r\n2 - a software to reconstruct the shake photo\r\n3 - types-fashioned software لایتروم \r\n4 - a software application, Maker Studios (phone, digital)\r\n5 - a software simulator studio lighting\r\n6 - software effects magic (photos and videos) \r\n7 - a software to beautify portrait photos ( Barber) \r\n8 - software separator the subject of green curtains (کروماکی) \r\n9 - software, create effects and ... effects and filters (photo & movie)\r\n10 - design software, photo and digital photo albums (plugin Photoshop)\r\n11 - software photo smart (artificial intelligence) (plugin Photoshop)\r\n12 - software retouch-professional skin plugin Photoshop+لایتروم) \r\n13 - software retouch, Smart Face (Beautify) (plugin Photoshop)\r\n14 - set effects illuminated (drawing, photo album Digital) \r\n15 - photo editing software company, Athens, single (plug-Photoshop+لایتروم)\r\n16 - software, photo editing company, Nick (plugin, Photoshop+لایتروم) \r\n17 - software, photo editing company, it the tub (plug-Photoshop+لایتروم)\r\n18 - the software professional slideshow of photos (album, digital, video)\r\n+ with professional photography training and Portrait Lighting\r\n\r\nرویای-the-art, the first supplier of software and tutorials for professional photography in Iran with 14 years experience\r\nPlease report the direction of advice and buy with the following number of Contact Here:\r\nتلفن: 09100028205 - 09352500490\r\ the page address Instagram, the dream of art:\r\n address channel-Telegram dream art:

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  • Amplifier, antenna, Mobile, mobile first

    Amplifier, antenna, Mobile, mobile first

    Device booster, mobile signal single band with the ability to support the 3G frequency of 2100 This device in addition to the antenna, this phone your mobile in the bands 900 can strengthen the signal, 3G internet is also in place increases .

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  • Switch and مدیاکانورتور industrial

    Switch and مدیاکانورتور industrial

    Supply all kinds of industrial switches, O-RING Usable in temperature (85+ - 40-) Ring support Supplies all kinds of media converters 10/100 10/100/1000 port SFP /RJ45 /RS485/RS232 Converter fiber to Ethernet Converter E1 to Ethernet Devices, multiplexers, FXS /FXO 15/20/30/60/90/120/200 channel and port, fiber port E1 SDH PDH Converter digital signal Now scanning equip industry pasargad Contact : 88500162-4 88507562 88507307 Fax: 88508307 ( Now scanning equip other branch does) Email :

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  • Store card, processor, etc., representing the sale of PVC card, the sale of the printing machine, PVC card, etc.

    The store card processor using global standards and through the development of Information Technology in organizations and institutions, public and private, it seeks to provide business clients as business partners. develop.\r\nمجموعه store card processor\r\nتجربهی we in the field of solutions ... - based Cards, PVC, etc. Management Information Systems and technology generated. path پیشرفتمان has paved.\r\nتخصصی most store Cards, PVC card processor\r\site configuration://\r\n\r\n\r\nنمایندگی sale PVC card\r\n\r\site configuration://\r\n\r\n\r\nمرکز sale printing machine PVC card\r\n\r\n

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  • Fiber optic equipment

    Fiber optic equipment

    Now scanning equip industry pasargad Industry-leading fiber-optic country - Equipment, passive networking, fiber optics The production of the box OTB , FAT mature OCDB Produce all kinds of box / outlet Double chorus OTO hardcore ATB Produce a variety of box CD , ODC - Production OCDF wall mount/Rack mount Patch panel rack mount 12/24/48 chorus Patch panel, wall 12/24 chorus Fusion box - Produce a variety of پیگتیل and patch cords فیبرنوی - Types of adapter fiber optic Conventional and hybrid SC/SC FC/FC LC/LC ST/ST E2000/E2000 Din/Din MTRJ SC/FC SC/LC FC/LC SC/Din - A variety of اتنیتور Attenature jqudt attenuator 2/5/10/15 db female / female male / female - کریمپ thermal 4, and 6 cm - Supply all kinds of Fusion fiber optic: Fujikura فوجیکورا - Supply of equipment, accessories fusion : Cutter (Cleaver ) Electrode Blade cutter Battery Charging Cable Test equipment, fiber optic EXFO اکسفو OTDR : FTB-1, FTB-2 , FTB-500 Power meter FPM-302 The laser source FLS-300 Fiber scope, FIP-400 Visual fault locator FLS-241 - Test device power meter, power meter Light source light source Fiber scope VFL pen, optical Identifire - Specialized tools fiber optic : stripper, etc. pods. Luz tube on and ... Box ابزرار detailed categories - The detailed optical fiber and air: 3M 2178 Network model FOC-SS big FOC-S, FOC-M Samjin - A variety of cassette fiber optic - Supply all kinds of Converter : Converter fiber to Ethernet 10/100 10/100/1000 port SFP /RJ45 /RS485/RS232 Converter E1 to Ethernet Device multiplexers( FXS /FXO (SDH amateur PDH 15/20/30/60/90/120/200 channel and port, fiber port E1 Signal transmission, digital and analog through the fiber - Optical fiber cable, earthy, tubules, etc., air - Cable and پچکورد tactical Supplier of all kinds of equipment do you need in a fiber optic network ( Now scanning equip other branch does) yahoo ID: irpuyesh Contact number: 88500162-4 Fax 88508307 Unit of sale : tehrani

    information and communication technology Tehran
  • Rack wall mounted 7 Unit and a depth of 45 with the door side along with hardware

    Rack wall mounted 7 Unit and a depth of 45 with the door side along with hardware

    Electrostatic colors(cream and Black)\r\nاستاندارد 19 inch\r\nدرب, the parties in the form of pop-ups along with a switch lock\r\nدرب front glass with a metal frame along with the switch lock\r\nقابلیت door installation, grilles for air conditioning and door, fully metal direction, more security,\r\nدارای network conditioning on the Hull side in order to circulate the air\r\nورودی and the output cable from the top and bottom\r\nدارای 2 rails with vertical punch, and markers (U) On the front rack\r\nتجهیزات side rack : fan. power module, 2-port, and the key\r\n\r\nرک wall 6 unit depth 32, along with پاورماژول in. rack wall mounted 6 unit depth of 40 along with پاورماژول in. rack wall mounted 6 unit depth 45, along with the power module and door accessories, etc. rack 9 Unit 12 unit depth 60 with the power module and door accessories available.

    Network Services Yazd
  • Closure


    Provide a variety of detailed fiber optic \r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran \r\n capacity 6 to 288 chorus \r\n\r\n*detailed fiber optic 3M\r\n\r\n2178-S\r\n2178-LS\r\n\r\nکاست 2522\r\nشانه 2521\r\nبا the ability to increase the number of input/output cable, and increase the capacity of the number of, high\r\n\r\nقابل use in all telecommunication networks fiber\r\nآب categories Easy\r\n\r\nGasket Sealing\r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran\r\n\r\n* a detailed network Model SS , S , M\r\n\r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran\r\n *detailed سامجین \r\n\r\nانواع \r\nکاست 6, then 12, etc. for 24, 48,\r\n\r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran\r\nکیف specialized tools, fiber optic\r\n\r\n(now scanning equip other branch does)\r\n\r\\r\n\r\nID:irpuyesh\r\nemail:\r\n\r\nشماره contact :\r\n88500162-4\r\n88507307\r\n88432371\r\nفکس: 88508307\r\nطهرانی

    information and communication technology Tehran
  • Computer repair in karaj

    Computer repair in karaj

    Computer repairs and laptop in karaj\r\nامروزه most families, and the majority of jobs from computer at your place. But the computer also like a lot of equipment, and other devices often need repairs and troubleshooting. When the computer with the problem to be faced, surely most people have concerns مشوند such as being:\r\n - must spend, and your computer to a shop to sell them in a few days to wait and that your computer can receive the\r\n - most people, your computer, your much personal information, such as videos, photos, ... important files, work, and ... that do not want this information into the hands of someone's reach, and are concerned that if کامپیوترشان of their location away this information into the hands of others.\r\n - guarantees in relation to that computer, they with a visit by a computer repair shop absolutely be true, or not.\r\nدیگر worry about these items not be:\r\nمجموعه our services such as :\r\n - cleans the system sama from a variety of viruses\r\n-fix the imperfections of the hardware system you\r\nتعمیر computer in place of\r\n-installation of software, frequently asked questions, and update them\r\n - Install laptop drivers in the Cemetary\r\n-consulting in the field of purchase and sale computer and laptop\r\n-sales, parts, and accessories\r\n-sell a variety of computer and laptop\r\n\r\nفقط just with this number, please contact\r\n0912-0712872

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  • The Fund shop with a 5 year warranty

    The Fund shop with a 5 year warranty

    Sale of Fund shop making butter with a warranty of five years With the screen 15 and 17-inch multi-touch screen For shop, fast food, restaurant, dining out, coffee shops, clothing .Supermarkets . هایپرها . The pharmacy... Engineering the future devise 031-32370591 To be aware of the prices and see more to the channel ""next contraption"" see ATMCO@ Website:

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  • Direct sales ATM. With the installation of وگارانیATM

    Direct sales ATM. With the installation of وگارانیATM

    Installation خودپردازATM with warranty\r\nسوییچ Bank city. in Islam. kosar\r\nساپورت and repair of all parts, to the remotest parts of the country,\r\nفروش special with reasonable price,\r\nانواع proposals and marketing\r\n------______________--------\r\n***in the meantime***\r\nYou can, with less than 40 million income top 3الی5 million monthly, charge خودپردازتان in mind

    Network Services Alborz
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