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  • Tik Trading, e.k.

    Our company, with a history of several years in the preparation and export of goods, etc. (especially Stoke) from Germany to Iran, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. pay for all businessmen dear. We are having office and warehouse in Germany city Duesseldorf, Germany. the ability to provide the best service to you. A brief descirption of our services: 1 - sale of goods Stoke(quite new) with the lowest possible price. 2 - obtaining the your orders for any product from all the countries of Europe, especially Germany. 3 - obtaining exclusive representation of all companies, for your company in Iran . 4 - attend and participate in exhibitions Germany as a representative of your company, etc., negotiate with companies, supplier of goods and collect the information you desire. Explanation: sending products from the warehouse company is done and all matters relating to Burberry, customs clearance in Iran, ' our esteemed customers will be. To get more information, get in touch with us. Karl str 31 40210, Düsseldorf 004922155049444 00491777857693 004917657961863 ( Message, preferably through a watts-up)

    Company teaching private Arabic, Tabriz, Iran

    Tutoring guarantee of Arabic at all levels, from the base up to the University (advice, etc. high school, middle school entrance exam) by providing brochures, training (face-to-face in Tabriz + virtual and Internet)

    The company SMS system aznar

    SMS system of aznar, the accreditation activities of the Ministry of Industry, mines and trade, as the most specialized center provider short message service in the country.\r\n\r\nصادقانه have acknowledged that customers are now one of the capital's main system requirements and customer satisfaction regarding the main life is.\r\n This center offer the most complete short message system, along with Service and support 24-hour, several years is to first choose the best Organizations and enterprises of the country has become and can be the best choice person, company or organization, you also.\r\nهدف the main company selling the short message system, but advice and suggestions, communication, modern, modern in the main objectives of the enterprise, the Association is defined that will lead you to the simplest form possible to the world of trading introduction to.\r\nاطلاع update extensive to the easiest and cheapest method and the high efficiency of the main characteristics of the system, a short message aznar.\r\proxy to use for this the services and facilities system, the epicenter of the short message service in Iran as follows :\r\n1 - send SMS Single, a group\r\n2 - remove the number of duplicate and wrong from the panel automatically in the moment\r\n3 - the return of the cost of posts failed at the same moment for online\r\n4 - the number of active the total country, ( segregated on the basis of the city and the village and area and specific neighborhood, with the breakdown of prepaid and postpaid)\r\n5 - provide databases of mobile number all guilds to users ( doctors, managers, teachers and ....)\r\n6 - registration all times important by the operator and notifications in maturities corresponding to the direction of the lack of amnesia or postponement of it\r\n7 - announced communiqués, announcements, circulars, approvals\r\n8 - avoid-back check, and the insertion dates of maturities of payables\r\n9 - notification time, pay the list of the insurance to the relevant authorities and announced the date of expiry of insurance for the representatives of the insurance\r\n10 - notification time of receipt of rights and benefits to personnel to refer\r\n11- Notification date maturities checks and reminded to them to ensure that from the receipt of the checks, and the lack of amnesia\r\n12 - notification content is customized to the organization's network - representatives and suppliers now\r\n13 - texting maturities birthday\r\n14 - texting dynamic ( processing )\r\n15 - send SMS in future\r\n16 - send peer-to-peer\r\n17 - send SMS periodically ( minutes, daily, monthly, and. annual )\r\n18 - send SMS from the list ( the ability to define any post to fit your tastes, based on the information you have )\r\n19 - send SMS to a regional ( based on 4 digits Postal Code of the area you )\r\n20 - send SMS to a number of the active province and city you desire,\r\n21 - send SMS via Web services (especially programmers )\r\n22 - send and receive SMS messages through the call address ( for programmers)\r\n23 - the status of SMS sending. send report daily and monthly throughout the year\r\n24 - the ability to enter numbers to the phone book via Excel file\r\n25 - office, simple and advanced, and dynamic ( ability to response variable based on bank information, etc. suitable for all guilds)\r\n26 - racing, and online surveys with ability to draw graphs,\r\n27 - pattern SMS for text preset to use, re - \r\n28 - transfer incoming messages to your mobile ( divert to mobile )\r\n29 we - control software SMS via mobile \r\n30 - announcement of the price of gold and coins and currency on a daily basis,\r\n31 - possibility of simultaneous use of the version under windows, and panel controlled?

    Now the bridge, get rid of the ark(pol group)

    This construction and installation of structures, style of metal (reducing the time and cost to run)\r\nساندویچ panel, Turkey(reasonable price and superior quality)\r\nپیچ hidden\r\nعدم limits color\r\nقابلیت run for unlimited design

    Brin industry sahand

    Providing services of technical, engineering and business / absorption chillers, etc. sanding, and related equipment / systems emergency power (generators, diesel, etc. gas and UPS) /a, industrial automation / supply of goods and equipment

    The company issaquah

    The preparation and distribution of spare parts products ایرانخودرو\r\nتعمیر and replacement parts

    Now Shrek, Mega concrete

    Mega Beton Industrial Complex Company مگابتن manufacturer of ready-mixed concrete and concrete parts Ago made with the use of the device پیوینگ دوپاکته All the automatic referendum, in different colors and equipped with Machine, dryer, steam, and ready to supply the need of Dear visitors.

    Store file سچ ideal

    Store file سچ al IP AR in the direction of the procurement and supply of all types of text files, including thesis students, articles in a variety of disciplines, the Humanities, basic Sciences, technical engineering, medical field, Political Science, and social time.Sports field, or brochures, training of any kind that the owners opinion, or people of Science, what the professors of the universities or the students or the students of different disciplines for which they are used in different projects, use activity that does not in line with honoring precious time noble people who want content worthy of and are worthy of Can after registration on the site, attempted to purchase and download the file online . Store file سچ ideal sechal a catalog file as downloaded is that after the selection and purchase of files automatically, the download option appears and can be used without the slightest problem, the file can be prepared. Website سچ al-Azeri, i.e., choose and buy that is the hope with your cooperation we can in your selection the best برگزینیم -

    Company metal industries cena

    Fields of activity: برانکارد, etc. table, hospital, etc. beds, Electric icu/ccu, etc. bed, dialysis, etc. table, Pediatrics, other equipment هتلینگ hospital . Facilities and equipment: hardware : devices automatically cut, bend, business, color, powdery الکترواستاتیک, etc. devices, welding CO2 software : office automation, etc. software engineering and design........

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