Pars steel, maroon

  • Company Registration Date: 1993-03-21
  • Number of Staff: 21-50 Person
  • Company Activity: producer
  • Place:
  • In the field of: Iron and steel industry
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Seller equipment - parts industries, oil – gas – petrochemical ( mechanical - electrical - instrumentation)
Pars steel, maroon in 1372 its activities in the field of procurement and supply, Iron, machinery, building and industrial parts has started. That this trend of activity continued until the year 1376 that activity with your company KSC regarding the excavation and embankment as wide, which continued later with the Ministry of energy regarding the design, installation and in-circuit catch network, strong pressure and temperature, and weak, and also the installation and assembly of transformer, its Ministry in the province of khuzestan have been busy .

In the year 1378 the company, its activities in the zone mahshahr special economical in petrochemical, martyr, spicy, Guyana, etc. of bu-Ali Sina, Amir Kabir, technology professionals, etc., maroon, etc., Shahid rasouli and site 5 regarding the supply of Goods, Equipment and parts, and also regarding the construction and installation of ومونتاژ factories available in that area, and also the preparation and supply of all Iron, construction machinery and industrial active is علیهذا Pars steel, maroon with the ability in the fields of industry, oil – gas – petrochemical ( mechanical - electrical - instrumentation) As well as engineering goods, preparation of all equipment and parts and goods required by the industries mentioned above as soon as possible according to the standard available from domestic sources or abroad, according to the standard provisions are worth noting in parallel with the activities above, the company also prepared the preparation and the supply of all Iron, construction machinery and industrial across the country for all organisations – companies – factories, and prestigious projects in as soon as possible.
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Tel+98 0611-3388274
Fax+98 0611-3377395
Mobile+98 0916×××7051
Addressاهواز,کیانپارس - خیابان 14 غربی - برج اداری - طبقه 10- واحد 3 ,
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