Company counseling center sympathy

  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 1-10 Person
  • Company Activity: Service company
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Consultation
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
In collaboration with the centers:
Department of Cultural Affairs and prevention, Office of counseling and psychological services welfare organization of Qom province (center of counseling and sound Advisor)
The foundation martyr and Veterans Affairs of the province of Qom
Counseling center the look of crushing, in the city of Qom
Counseling center and psychological services, intimates, etc. in the city of Qom
Academic counseling-marriage -baby

Contact Information
Nameمیر سعید -جعفری-
Tel+98 021-7×××9973
Fax+98 021-77559973
Addressتهران,خیابان شهید آیت الله مدنی، خیابان شهید محمودی ( حسنی)، نبش خیابان هوری ، مرکز بهار زندگی ,
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