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  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 1-10 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Trading Company , Agents
  • Place: Esfahan
  • In the field of: Food and Drink
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Potatoes you our culture ایرونیا means more neutered and useless, I can رسونه. But I think that that kind of perception a little, انصافیه. علتشم this is not that un the autumn of last year., the year 2008 as the International Year of the potato, declared, here, not that Gregorian year 2007., the 320 million tons of potatoes in the world was produced. What I want to say is that potatoes, unlike waiting a lot of a matter of food is very important, which is usually much not taken seriously cranky.
The potato plant is a plant, plant question, that up to a maximum of 1 m, The height of the clamp, and the flowers yellow, sometimes purple studs. Part nutrients the plant a tubers underground, rich in starch, which the roots of the plant متصلن. Multiply potato, two methods may be. The first method, like the rest of the گیاها through fertility, flowers and the cultivation of doune, and is the second method to reproduce through buds on the tubers is that they're eyes can tell. Each piece of potato that, one or two, could have got a time, green said, and a plant, the potato, perfect achieved. Potatoes a large variety. More than a thousand species of potatoes known that in terms of size, shape, color, flesh color and taste can differ, Darren.
More گیاهشناسا opinion are that the principle of the potato from the Andes mountains (ranges of the Andes you America جنوبیه) coming and the first rain of adama, about 7000 years ago, the Peru کاشتنش. The people of the Inca Empire in terms of food is quite to the two products, corn and potatoes being dependent. Em methods of fallow and crop period, certain having that نذارن dirt poor and will always give them a good product, give. اروپائیا years later, you century شونزدهم through اسپانیائیا with potatoes familiar. اسپانیائیا the Inca Empire got torn up, and to Josh the starter of the Empire, the potatoes got. The potatoes too soon, you,, Europe, and other countries like India. You the nineteenth century, the people of this ...

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