The pharmaceutical company release

  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 1-10 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Trading Company , Agents
  • Place: Esfahan
  • In the field of:
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Any medication parallel to the desired effects of treatment may cause some unwanted effects also geared, although all these complications in a person not seen, in the case of every one of the complications following doctor consult here:
Side effects common: skin manifestations, itching, hives, wheezing and difficulty in breathing .
Other side effects over time, and matching the body with medication fixes are in the face of continuing complications, with your doctor call.
Bleeding stomach, ulcers of the mouth and tongue seeds, skin, etc. confusion, etc. dysphoria and. illusions. mental disorders and symptoms incidence of jaundice.
With the infusion of intravenous medication, the possibility of creating shock, reduced blood pressure, shortness of breath, and ... cardiac arrhythmia, etc. trader, Eclipse, head, face, and seizures, there.
A : The establishment of manufacturing units in order to provide raw materials and a variety of pharmaceutical preparations and health .
B : carry out all business affairs related to the import of products made drug and distribution within the country .
A: The distribution and sale of pharmaceutical products and sanitary for domestic use and export to abroad .
D: partnerships and investments in other companies, commercial and manufacturing .

Contact Information
Tel+98 0311-5812154
Fax+98 0311-5874584
Addressاصفهان,شهرک صنعتی محمدآبادمرغ ، بلوک,
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