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  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 51-100 Person
  • Company Activity: producer
  • Place: Semnan
  • In the field of:
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Now Kara new Nico in the year 1363 was established and has specialized its activities in the field of design and construction of machinery for wire and cable started.In order to improve the quality of the products, company, their quest for the establishment of the management system of quality assurance began with the efforts of managers and all the staff and the help of the Lord, in the year 1379 managed to obtain the Certification ISO 9002 of the company اروتوف Germany was. Industrial company CPC.The.The always has to rely on the technical knowledge and the ongoing partnership with the centers for university and laboratory use personnel qualified and trained for. advanced machinery and quality raw materials, and also benefiting from a process of production of scientific and practical action to produce the excellent quality products as well as the disposal of the industry expensive, and the domestic and foreign markets. The major activities of the company industrial efficient new Niko is: the design and manufacture of machinery and تجیزات industrial design and manufacturing wire and cable machinery(machines, stretching wire, etc. کورها khēl, etc. all kinds of extruder) industry washer(machinery, soap making) Crafts paper storage نوردهای hot and cold steel produces a variety of wire and cable, specialized construction and industrial for our very place of happiness, that utilizes the appropriate features and abilities we have managed to share in raising the quality and quantity of industrial production of the country dedicated to, and underpins the foundations of the independence of our country, the role played.
A variety of sheet, steel, round, all kinds of steel casting
Design and construction of machinery and equipment, wire and cable industries, electrical, and telecom - making parts, metal industries, oil, gas, and plant spices cement and plaster

Contact Information
Nameمحمد جعفر-شاهانی
Tel+98 0231-3352183
Fax+98 0231-3352182
Address سمنان ,شهرک صنعتی شرق ، بلوار جمهوری ، خیابان تلاش ,
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