Engineering company, Tara industry world

  • Company Registration Date: 2010-03-21
  • Number of Staff: 11-20 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Trading Company
  • Place: Alborz
  • In the field of: machine manufacturing
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Manufacturer and designer of overhead crane - gantry crane - crane jib and Monorail

Engineering company, Tara industry world ( t.i.d ) designer and manufacturer of a variety of overhead crane ( single girder and along), the brachial, etc., gantry and Monorail for the environment, normal and explosive .

Engineering company, Tara industry world provider of all parts, cranes, industrial, rails, overhead (kbk), the lift, and material handling systems .

Brands of cranes offered by this company is among the most respected brands of overhead cranes, which has half a century of experience and presence in the European industry.

The use of standards, and specialized world, such as CE , AWS , EN , DIN , FEM , ISO , ASME in manufacturing all kinds of crane, engineering company, Tara industry, the world of the other partner companies distinct).

The company with respect to the design of the most advanced systems, electric and mechanical, yet, resistant, affordable and unrivaled in the country .

A brief of the activities of the company in the field of consulting, design, construction, installation and commissioning of overhead crane :

- Overhead crane, single Bridge crane, overhead bridge from 125kg capacity 200ton .
- Rails, overhead (KBK) and ملحقات it up to 2000kg .
- Crane, jib (crane jib, wall, etc. cranes, jib column and بازوئی animated) بازاویه circulation (360) degrees.
- Gantry crane and ... cranes, half gantry cranes, half gantry away with the angle of rotation of 360 degrees .
- Crane, Monorail (crane, Monorail direct and cranes, Monorail curve) suitable for the lines of production, electroplating industries, food and...
Feature products جرثقیلی engineering company, Tara the world :

- Lift and crane, anti-explosion and anti-spark for the normal, explosive, and corrosive.
- Crane, hoist for lifting high-speed, suitable for any weather conditions.
- Crane, suitable for ceilings, a few قلابه with lifting simultaneously.
- System Magnetic brake etc. used in production lines, etc. thermal power station, industry, oil and gas, petrochemical and خودروسازیها.

Offer and sale Lift, winch, wire rope and chain saw with different brands ازکمپانی authentic European and Asian, such as :

( ITALKRANE, etc. DONATI, etc. MISIA ), Italy ( GIS ), Switzerland

( DETRIOT ) us ( KONECR ...

Contact Information
Nameعلی رضا-ولیدی
Tel+98 026-3×××0611 -12
Fax+98 026-34655834
Mobile+98 0935×××5545
Addressکرج ، گلشهر ، خیابان پونه شرقی ، نبش گلستان 3 ، پلاک 44 ، واحد 5
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