• Shirt, sofa, Khatam Anbia

    Sewing all kinds of shirts, furniture, and chairs for homes and ... offices, state enterprises and private, restaurants, hotels, etc., Bluehost and ...


    \\"چوتاش\\" with a background of 40 years in the wood industry and to consider the right and respect to the client all tried and your efforts to the product quality and worthy of the countrymen to produce up against the sample, the external and, sometimes, above it, into the hands of the customer, finish

    Manufacturing group furniture Ben Sai

    Buy direct from manufacturing, namely, at least %20, the price of all exhibitions

    Table and chairs modern

    An array of stylish web نظیررا with the most modern models ماتجربه the

    Company dream

    Esteemed client Please note: mattress (company dream) with mattress, Miscellaneous-Royal should not be confused! ✔Direction, guidance and order and get price list and full specifications of products with this number, please contact: (at the bottom of the AD) - (at the bottom of the AD) ✔A variety of products (company dream) with the maximum discount and post free to all parts of Tehran ✔Pay the amount of the mattress , after delivery, door mats, home, provide, Invoice, official, shop, and warranty card the company dream, in cash or by bank card by the device ('Mobile), mobile, drivers, we the direction of the well-being of our esteemed customers ✔Along with the purchase of any mattress number one mattress protectors waterproof dream will deliver you ✔Buy products (company dream) , show the standard and the highest rating of the quality available in the country with the lowest price is your right*

    Elegant house

    Supplier of all kinds of decorative glass wall panel, Unicoat PVC foam board

    Modern trade

    The company in the year, ۱۳۹۲ as a branch of the company he cover the East have a history of ۱۵-year sales of all goods required in the field of interior decoration. was established.The company plans to all its customers in the building industry goods required, such as wall, etc. the ceiling, false PVC, sheet, polycarbonate, sheet metal ... tile plaster, tile, PVC ۶۰×۶۰، profiles s parking Lift, Parquet and baseboard offer. Outlook the company's market leadership in the supply of all goods required by industry, building on the stage, the joinery of the highest quality and reasonable price. The company is currently importing tiles, gypsum (simple - wicker-egg) and exclusively tiles, gypsum board, golden and silver.\r\n\r\nهمچنین the company representing thirty-pan in Isfahan in the field of wall and ceiling PVC tiles ۶۰×۶۰ PVC in different designs and different colors is\r\n\r\nعلاوه on this, the company also baseboard polystyrene with the Brand of the MT to the market, we provide. Development Co., Ltd. polycarbonate sheets and crystals has been considered.\r\n\r\nیکی of the most important competitive advantages of this company's behavior is very suitable with the customers and respect for the dignity of it, along with supply of required goods as soon as possible and the variety of diverse goods.

    A flea market friends

    The best buyer of all supplies for cash in all parts of Tehran, and without the closures,\r\n10% higher than others\r\nآقای mohammadi 02122635746


    Production and broadcast جلومبلی and wood products, and MDF

    Gallery furniture technical

    Furniture group Technical in the year 1392 for Gallery furniture with the purpose of supply of certain services, particularly in the field of design, furniture and all products dependent on wood like doors and Windows, construction, kitchen cabinets, and ... for customized in accordance with customers ' tastes and it started its activity.

    Display intelligent design

    Help manufacturer to all the people who in the design industry and دکوراسیون activity. Retailers and designers

    Company ornatto

    Specialty stores, luxury products, and decorative building

    Metal frames

    Industrial and commercial safari in the year 1384 with the establishment of the company's metal framing by Mr. مسیب Safari foot in the arena production of components, cables and wire, the car has managed to generate the skeleton and frames, insole, and cushion the back seat of vehicles, manufacturing of saipa car manufacturing was. After a year of activity the company managed to produce a frame bouncy insole and cushion the front seat of Cars, Peugeot 405, etc. Peugeot barking, samand and زانتیا was. The company in the year 1385 is proud to get the grid +A group of automotive saipa was. In the continuation of the activities of the company in the year 1388 managed to get the certificate of ISO 9001 / 2008 of the company, IMQ of Italy, and has been purchased with the device, springs, Zig furniture from Germany and the UK, to the production of torsion springs, Zig furniture for loops and branches has been laid, and so far managed to cooperate with reputable companies, furniture storage in our dear country Iran is.

    Group of decorative Hilda

    The group, commercial production of decorative Hilda importer of all kinds of accessories, decoration, optical LED for different uses, this set is trying to ask their clients the best and most desirable goods from the best company, the preparation and distribution), therefore, the group of decorative Hilda, direction, satisfaction, and trust All our Dear customers your products for 6 months warranty) group of decorative Hilda has a complete set, which is the direction of your products, take action to set up the permanent exhibition and sales office مجزاء and in addition to this repair shop and service after the sale at the point of Tehran, launched in order satisfaction your customers exceed the progress and success the group of decorative Hilda believes that the sale of only the end, but rather the start of a long-term contract among the collection of decorative Hilda and the customer is so to you, Dear Customer assured that no casual you with your purchased product alone . Products collection Hilda, including tables, optical -chair, optical vase-optic, countertops, and tables times optical - آبنماهای optical - tables Suarez optical - tables, stand, optical - LED, Wall Washer optic - arch optical-bench optical Hilda - cube, decorative, optical - tables, an open area optic - desk, coffee shop .. to see all the new products to سایتwww.hildalight.comمراجعه.

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