• Industries fiberglass breakaway

    Manufacturer of all kinds of sheet and pieces of fiberglass

    Arad Chrome

    Because of the method of plating فانتاکروم device or velvet airbrush to use? \r\nامروزه with the progress of industry, the transformation of a variety of plating and printing that is created. In the old methods of plating, a lot of problems there, including the costs of the top, toxic substances, etc. a long time ! But in new method plating فانتاکروم, all these problems have been fixed. فانتاکروم a new way of plating, coating, Chrome, is that with the device فانتاکروم is done. Industry traders can with this method for a professional in the shortest time. plated فانتاکروم's trained and working. Plated فانتاکروم cladding, completely stainless steel, and usability in all seasons and environments there. Ability to use on wood, ceramics and objects of beauty for decoration at the disposal of the designers of the cover.فانتاکروم on almost any material including wood, metal, plaster, glass, plastic, fiberglass, etc., ceramic, cement, polystyrene, soil, clay, and stone works. Use a variety of devices, velvet, spraying, etc., causing the printed velvet is extensively used, and from the velvet airbrush to create the lining on the variety of surfaces used. The blue print with the device هیدروگرافیک also of the practices of modern cladding, is that the ambiance and unique take on objects, etc. creates. Group Elijah industry, with the localization فانتاکروم, your device velvet cannon and machine هیدروگرافیک, etc. similarly, the production of raw materials فانتاکروم, etc., glue, velvet, and raw materials هیدروگرافیک, the price of all the products strictly brought down and it is perfect investment and starting a business with فانتاکروم by the Craftsmen of corruption. The advantages of فانتاکروم and machine velvet gets new, high speed in performing plating, and velvet straight levels, high-accuracy, training, free, cheap materials and quality, parts, original and after-sale services in Iran.

    Shop resin art home

    Home art resin one of the most popular sites that sell resin and its derivatives.\r\nمجموعه we end up trying to the action brought is to be able All the needs of the students respected them to start working with resin, and then with the nozzle, the most price and most high quality available.

    Diamond polymer

    Shop diamond polymer A to buy tanks and polymer items polymer can be

    Business Safari

    Commercial Safari\r\nپخش types of anti-freeze

    Unit consistency

    Manufacturing unit consistency, the first manufacturer of electrode paste or paste electrodes in Iran that failed to produce the electrode paste has been, and now, with a daily capacity of about ۵ busy tone production .\r\n\r\nواحد industrial the consistency of the manufacturer خمیرالکترود carbon and the Peter coke filled sulphur in the production of experimental electrode arc furnace, steel is around وقوه divine until the end of the year ۹۷, the first electrode arc furnace domestic production will be and with this move hopes than to cut the dependence of this important product on the other hand, the lead surgical to accomplish

    Company vision steel industry in Asia

    The company is in the field :\r\nساخت and parts supply rail, and the rail ( wagons, cargo and passenger )\r\n supplying production parts and structural steel and metal\r\nساخت a variety of complex parts \r\nمهندسی reverse imported parts\r\n and also in the field of buying and selling all the products of the company, Mobarakeh Steel (a variety of sheets, industrial) products company, Esfahan steel (steel beam and rebar) and the products of the company, Khuzestan steel (thick plates and alloy ) \r\nفعالیت there.

    Supply fellowship

    Supply fellowship belongs to the set engineering pars plateau in year 1393 to \"design, evolution, and provide\" products geosynthetics to the national projects of the country has been established is a.\r\nThis participate in projects of the National, because: \r\n-urban train lines ۱، ۳، ۶ and ۷\r\n( supply material geosynthetics include sheet geomembrane PVC the direction of innovative insulation, tunnel, Metro)\r\n-urban train Qom, Kermanshah, Shiraz, Tabriz and Mashhad\r\n ( supply material geosynthetics direction of the insulating Tunnel train)\r\n-Freeway of Tehran - North\r\n( supply material geosynthetics direction, insulation, tunnels, Highway)\r\n-projects mass housing seal\r\n( supply material geosynthetics direction of the waterproofing and drainage of the foundation building)\r\n-several projects روف garden across Iran\r\n( supply material geosynthetics direction of prepare the grounds, build روف garden upload)\r\n-several projects in water, farming, pond fish farming and ...\r\n( supply material geosynthetics include sheets, geomembrane, PE, direction of the insulating and sealing the walls and floor of the pool)\r\NAND ...\r\nبه of Thrones."\r\nفلات pars is proud to announce that due to be engineering, etc., speed in supply and logistics of goods as well as methods of financing innovative because the dicker with the estate documents and machinery has the consent of the largest contracting companies of the country to earn the grant.\r\nبا the help of God, the merciful, and there is capital valuable loyal customers., the Pars plateau action to develop the domain of their activity in industry, construction, the country has now Falat pars is ready in three sections:\r\nالف) geosynthetics (geomembrane, geotextile, etc., geotextile, etc. ژئودرین, etc. ژئونت, etc. geogrid etc. دیمپل sheet, etc. ژئونت and...)\r\nب)pipe and fittings (all types of pipes and fittings, PVC and polyethylene, corrugated pipes and types of transmission lines, water and sewage, urban and industrial, etc.)\r\nج) coatings and chemical additives\r\NAND in the following topics:\r\n agriculture (pools, save e, water, agriculture, channel, transfer of water, pond fish culture, etc.)\r\n Oil, Gas and Petrochemical (is ...

    Engineering company, commercial security industry of Persia

    Engineering company, business supply, industry, Persia, with a history of 20 years in the field of supply and equipment items, specialized in scientific research and technological

    تحریرچسب Sahand

    The company manufactured typewriters, glue, manufacturer of tape Winder 90 یاردی and 180 یاردی and 500 یاردی with excellent quality and raw materials, foreign packaging carton and nylon, etc. and is also ready to print logo and design dear customers, on نوارچسبهای flattened for packaging carton (transparent crystal) in width, 5 cm and 7 cm and a length of 90 yards to 1000 yards, with thicknesses of 40 and 45 and 50 micron, with a price very reasonable and the quality fantastic excellent devices, advanced, and skilled staff ready to cooperate with industry.

    نماپوشش Khorasan(علاپلاست)

    Company نماپوشش Khorasan brand علاپلاست of the year 1378فعالیت your in the field of polymer products and decoration has to start and ....

    Raymand medicine

    Company raymand medicine designer and manufacturer of laboratory devices, medical

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