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    Sea ally, Caspian(اکوپروم)

    Company اکوپروم., the manufacturer and importer, Pitt moss, to Iran. Mine and factory, the company اکوپروم in the region of Ural, Russia, is located. Company اکوپروم the only producer Pete moss in Russia, which is a member of the International Association of Pitt land, and the Manufacturers Association of materials cubits.This company provides a variety of Pete moss manufacturing factory, such as the. Pete moss mix special pots, Pete moss, special seeding, and transplanting, etc., Pete moss, raw and casing soil mushrooms is with the use of mechanized machinery and laboratory well equipped and after the experiment, the soil and ensure the quality of the product it is shipped. Pete moss, manufactured according to environmental conditions and processed completely sterile, has the ability to attract and maintain the top of the water, rich in organic material, etc. acid lesions and has the salinity is low. Therefore, suitable for the cultivation of types of seed and transplanting, etc. flowers, etc., fruit trees, and ornamental trees., also alone as organic fertilizer. The company with name sea unite the Caspian in Iran.

    Formation water explore

    آبیابی of. tracking. the exploration of underground water to determine the most appropriate locations for digging wells

    Company پاکسازان East Iranians

    Has over a decade of experience in the field of construction, types of greenhouses, rating, and Distribution Type employment of the engineering organization and natural resources

    Company pars Barzegar, Azerbaijan

    ششرکت engineering, agriculture, the barking of the Sower, Azerbaijan supplier of moisture maker, fogging and cooling, full automatic, is prepared to provide the products stated above, picks.\r\n\r\nدرردر if needed, please contact.\r\nبا thanks\r\nپویا Nikam (management company pars Barzegar, Azerbaijan)\r\n\r\nتلفکس : 04413465905\r\nموبایل management : 09149380704\r\nایمیل :\r\nوبسایت :\r\n\r\nد

    Company green space, amazing

    Company green space, amazing performer projects, green space, and manufacturer of all kinds of flowers, apartment, etc. ornamental shrubs and flowers, seasonal

    BlackBerry فرنگستان

    The largest producer of transplanting and plant strawberries in the whole country

    Greenhouse makers Theresienstadt

    Company Theresienstadt approach to development and modernization in the industry, the Greenhouse of the twenty Azar 1392 to start its activities. This company are specialized to the industry, the greenhouse pays .\\r\\n\\r\\nشرکت Theresienstadt to mediate different approach in the construction and procure the equipment, several projects with success, to do have . The company projects assigned, reducing the significant costs and the price and customer satisfaction has brought.\\r\\n\\r\\nتوانمندی companies, greenhouse makers, Theresienstadt, generally, in consulting, design and construction of greenhouses, modern, and also supply equipment related to the construction and cultivation and maintenance can be. But relying on experiences and Communication, International Trading department, the company, the possibility to supply other items about the industry's need for special custom also is.\\r\\n\\r\\nطی previous years, the commercial section of the company's greenhouse builders Theresienstadt as a performer, the process of purchase, along with technical staff conversant, all of your efforts in the direction of supply of goods of the best makers of the world focused on them in increased productivity, provide quality service, and ultimately customer satisfaction, their share is.\\r\\n\\r\\nشرکت greenhouse makers, according to needs, increasing the country to the products of the greenhouse began to design and build the greenhouse to the climate and conditions of the various environmental in our country has been.\\r\\n\\r\\nThis company with the benefit of highly qualified personnel and with experience of over 20 years in the field of design, construction and implementation of greenhouses and automation systems in the agricultural industry in the country in participation.\\r\\n\\r\\NICON of Agriculture, one of the most important topics for increasing the product, reduce production cost and raise efficiency and productivity, improvement, and development of methods of cultivation and maintenance can be.\\r\\n\\r\\nشرکت greenhouse builders Theresienstadt with possession of an experienced staff, etc. experienced and expert as well as technical facilities. it is always ready to provide consulting services and visit the. needs of industry, agriculture, ...

    Business تهرانچی

    Supplier, distributor and exporter of all kinds of raw materials, agriculture, Laboratory of mineral and chemical

    The company was the cultivation of faculty

    با25 years of experience and تئلید in the field of implements and agricultural products A variety of hole/bore.گاردان.Clutch/بامارک ترکیهGOKTARMAK A variety of چیزل/باشاخه, 5 to....The lowest price A variety of gym ball with Marc and Turkey supplies about نیازBEREKET نهرکن/مرزکش/leveler/روتیواتور.کلتیواتور and..... Services:to provide representation for applicants Please for more information and get Catalogue number 09372489684تماس call

    Company food industry complex, King

    Fridge, King \r\nسردخانه boarding of the king, located in the province of Western Azerbaijan, the city of Moscow with a special rating as a three-way communication the provinces of Eastern Azerbaijan, and Western Iran, Turkey, close to the border countries of Turkey, Iraq, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, for export and import product to this country, with a capacity of 1۰ thousand tons در12 separate halls, etc. shelving. two know more about mobile below zero and above zero ( 16+ to 28 - degrees Celsius) , Cellar, with ظرفیت10 thousand tons, platform, loading 150 yards, roofed, etc. ready to provide services of cold storage for the storage of materials, products, food (including fruits and jat, etc., dates, etc., dairy وجمله meat and material, a protein, etc. a variety of ice cream.... )\r\NAND rent your warehouses for the storage of commercial goods for volume, etc. \r\nتناژی or program proprietary .\r\nصاحبان merchandise having user name and password for to be able to\r\nدریافت inventory, goods, information, inputs and outputs, commodity and the status of remittances,\r\nicon any hour of the day from the site of the mortuary of the king.\r\nاطلاعات input and output of goods in the moment for the clients cold storage SMS will be.\r\nمجهز to the weighbridge, loading, fully automatic, Office of, provide services, Bill of lading, and insurance of the goods, as well as the residence to accommodate and rest, drivers\r\n\r\nدارای system, announcing and extinguishing smart that by water tanks permanent ۱۰۰۰۰ liter feed, such as sensors, announced the leak of ammonia, which, by the monitoring system, possibility of the alarm provides.\r\nشماره contact :همراه09124661160 – 45357900\r\n فکس45357800 -044\r\nایمیل\r\nتلگرام :09903060946\r\nآدرس :West Azerbaijan city – miandowab – Industrial Zone, Moscow – the end of the street industry\r\nفاصله Industrial Zone, Moscow to the border with Iraq, 106 km\r\n\r\n.Distance industrial miandowab, مرزترکیه 130 km\r\nفاصله industrial miandowab, مرزارمنستان 189 km\r\nفاصله Industrial Zone, Moscow to the border with Azerbaijan 278 km

    Company modern farmer

    Complex modern farmer Provider of all the essentials of irrigation and greenhouse and a variety of agricultural inputs(Poison-fertilizer-seed) Address: Mashhad, Iran - the beginning of the highway,

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