• Company آواژن scanning

    In order to empower the academic, research, and laboratory diagnosis in the country. the company آواژن with activity, several researchers and specialists of the country in the year 1389 has been established. The field of activity of the company products, Molecular Biology with preference Kit, the extraction of nucleic acids (DNA. types of RNA. پلاسمید...), PCR and Real-Time PCR, production of recombinant, etc. a variety of kits molecular requirements for doing research projects as well as supply and production of devices and equipment necessary to set up laboratories of molecular can be also from other activities of the company provided scientific advice for supply of materials and furnishing and setting up complete laboratories, molecular.

    Rod alchemists

    Company laboratory rod کیمیاگران in the field of import and sale of chemicals , equipment and devices laboratory digital scale.

    ZPS industrial group

    Zarir Pars Sana Industrial Group (ZPS industrial group) have been founded in 2017 in order to design and manufacture Chemical and pharmaceutical laboratory tools and industrially pilot plants. This company have begun its activity by designing and manufacturing Magnetic coupling and Pressure vessels and now is trying to manufacture most of Batch and Continues Pilot Plants that Is needed in Chemical , pharmaceutical , petrochemical and oil industry.

    Company site this Chem, Tehran, Iran ( ستکو )

    The name of God Company site this Chem, Tehran, Iran ( SAT .Co ) ستکو Over 20 years of experience in the field of laboratory equipment and medical Now, the company licensed the production of the General Directorate of Medical Equipment for the production of the device, pH meter, etc., a certificate of quality from Reference Laboratory of Health, standard certificate of calibration, etc. International Certification, ISO 13485 - 2003 for the production of devices, laboratory and international certification of ISO 9001-2008 from company B, R, S America , ( and on the verge of get the stamp of national standard of Iran ) . Official member of the Association of producers and exporters of medical equipment, dental, laboratory, a member of the official Union of vendors of medical equipment and laboratory honorary member of the Association preparing and distributors of laboratory equipment, an official member of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Canada, its activities in two parts, continues : Z - production of devices, laboratory include : pH meter, desktop, etc., shakers, erlenmeyer, balloons, hot plate, بهمزن magnetic, etc. میکسربهمزن, roll mixer, Hematology, etc. colony counter and suction دوشیشه . B - The preparation, distribution, and supply of equipment, موادشیمیائی laboratory environment, cultivation, accessories, and tools, fixtures, glass ولوازم consumer laboratory . In the manufacturing sector, the company product with your offer a certificate of verification quality and certified calibration standard and certified three-year warranty and after sales service 10-year to the consumers we provide . Devices that've produced in most research laboratories like the Atomic Energy Organization of., the Institut Pasteur, University of tarbiat modares, etc. مرکزبیوشیمی and Biophysics, University of Tehran, Iran., Department of polymer, University of technology and ... are working and consent function . In the history of the activities of this company. furnishing a lot of private and public institutions وکارخانجات food and industrial, such as : Industries chemical, oil and petrochemical industries, steel factories, paper pulp, and wood industries, the metal and Plastic Co., turpentine, storage, tomato paste and lemon juice. ... factories, milk and its products, etc. rubber ... tile, storage, etc. عرقیجات and herbal preparations, etc. concentrates and herbal extracts and plants, pasta and ... has been . ◄Quality and the services provided, the products of this company from consumers, we ask . ◄ Warranty services our reality. This advertising slogan . ◄Select the correct from the research, a principle and right of you, the consumer, is appreciated . ◄Our clients credit our are the company to credit his brilliant glory . Company site this Chem, Tehran, Iran ستکو

    Now pause international

    Group مکث international consists of 4 subsets \"laboratory\" \"nanotechnology\", the \"energy\", \"the hydrology and Meteorology\" and with over four decades of successful experience in the field of providing consulting, procurement and delivery of equipment, research, etc. analysis, etc., measuring, industrial, educational, and quality control activities have been in this relationship managed to obtain the reputable dealers from European countries, etc. آمریکائی and Japanese.\r\n\r\nThis Group is proud to provide technical advice and comprehensive, rely on the experienced personnel in the Sales Department, and technical, you in selecting the most suitable equipment, and accompaniment), and provide perfect after-sale service includes installation, training, user, etc., supplying parts and after sales service as well as the holding of specialized seminars with the cooperation of the company, the foreign party to the contract. exploit the ideal of the systems purchased guarantee.\r\n\r\nهمچنین it is worth noting now more than 2000 different devices laboratory includes equipment, laboratory, such as types, Avon, etc. اینکوباتور., the microscope, etc., scales and ... also advanced systems include gas chromatography, etc. liquid, mass, etc., ionic, etc. systems, spectroscopy atomic absorption, etc. FTIR, etc. آنالایزرهای thermal and elemental and specialized equipment, food industry, soil and geology. Meteorology., the hydrology, sea, and test the material in the warehouse, the group the direction of instant delivery is ready.

    Company Ambassador Soraya sepahan

    Company Ambassador Soraya with the ability to design and build Intelligent Systems, and automatic, especially in the field of laboratory equipment. Some of the products of the company include: a variety of data logger fast and ... the super-high-speed, etc. online., rotary, etc. with monitor types vibration gauges, shock m acceleration detector dynamic resistance of the detector 4 probe, etc. device to draw the graphs the characteristic current - voltage I-V types of pump, the syringe is simple, accurate, automatic etc., dual, etc. دیسپنسر, etc. دایلوتر device, printer, and carve a Braille tables, CNC ruler, digital تلفن09215818788

    abar ertebat

    Sales, installation, setup, Network Camera central camera

    مهام examiner pharmed international

    Company مهام examiner pharmed International in over a decade, its activities in the field of production وتامین specialized equipment, laboratory always been tried using from the Expert and also benefiting from the cooperation and advice of researchers and members of the scientific universities in the country, and with the knowledge that a (customers and their satisfaction is the most important principle for the survival and continuity of any business is ومشتری in, we have a target glancing, but the client, the goal and end of all actions our he dependent on us. we are dependent on him we are ) Activity of the company at the level of international for ahe and the advancement کشورگسترش . Company مهام examiner pharmed international, reliance on technical knowledge and practical experience of professionals and experts of the company by obtaining the exclusive representative and official of the company, and reputable world-wide brands with the aim of benefit (universities, etc. پژوهشگاههاو research centers and various industry sectors such as industries, food, pharmaceutical, oil, gas and petrochemistry, polymer, paint and resin, etc. detergent and sanitary ) of the updated technology in the field of laboratory equipment, the step is removed . Also tried on it has been relying برتوانایی Co., Ltd. design and production of some specialized equipment with the aim of no country, of foreign products and in order to move towards a knowledge based economy and the realization of Economy of resistance (MDGs).

    - Advanced electronics Hermann---IRMFC

    ) Branches of Engineering, instrumentation, company, knowledge-based, Heather, electronics, with a focus on specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of equipment related to a variety of MFC and Readout. IRMFC for the first time in Iran managed to design and build a variety of different Read-Out with extremely high precision for brands a valid MFC, such as UNIT ( Unit Celerity ) and BROOKS ( BROOKS INSTRUMENTS ) has been and hopes to meet the needs of research centers and industrial active in the chemical industry and semiconductor, which requires the use of such equipment.. Precision and elegance in design, high quality products and advanced design in accordance with science and engineering in the world, with an affordable price, including honors IRMFC ( Iran Mass Flow Controller ). Enjoying of Engineers, Elite, approved by the Ministry of science, research and technology, providing advice to scientific engineering in the design of the systems and set آپهای requirements of customers, the continuous presence in the midst of doing projects with customers and providing engineering services, after the massive Sales, the company's among the handful of companies with a focus on " business and Science in Iran has become. Ideals IRMFC ( Iran Mass Flow Controller ) on it is that the backing of a stable research base and scientific progress of the country. Now, Heather, electronics is the first and only company with the capability to provide engineering services full of such services, periodic types of MFC ( Mass Flow Controller ), and repairs the hardware and software of a variety of MFC and services, periodic calibration for a variety of MFC and Readout brands UNIT CELERITY vintage BROOKS INSTRUMENTS and the BRONKHORST High-Tech in the region, the Middle East, and the southern countries of the former Soviet Union. IRMFC ( Iran Mass Flow Controller ) is proud to announce that alongside the production of a variety of equipment, control the flow of fluid Mass Flow Controller Instruments, under pressure or vacuum, etc., acting to supply independent products, accessories related to control flow, pressure, or vacuum from reputable companies such as American collection company CIRCOR with the lowest price level is appreciated. The products include variety of pressure regulators, etc., Beck pershore regulators, etc. pressure regulator ...

    Exact instrument Co Karen

    The quality of bottles and cans produced for packaging the product, every factory of the most important issues of quality control that have a direct impact to product quality, shelf life and product waste. Having standard methods to perform some tests, which led to the ensuring of the quality of the bottles and cans manufacturing. the devices require that the utility company the exact Karen attempted to produce them).\r\n\r\nشرکت instrumentation, Karen in collaboration with a collective of artisans, etc. graduate, and professors of ferdowsi University of Mashhad and University of industrial carpets with a history of several years in the industry, its activities, the opinion of the Department of Engineering, Karen, of the year 1396 initiated and proceed to design, build and production devices, quality control of food products in accordance with Iranian national standards., in order for a small share in furthering this industry.\r\nاستاندارد bottle of Pao T :11610\r\nاستاندارد glass bottle : 1409, etc. 18466\r\nاستانداردهای metal cans: 2509, etc. 2455, etc. 2327 on. 1881\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nThis company, in addition to the devices listed, their ability to build a device with the order also.

    The design of the site

    Company اسپیناس\\r\\n\\r\\nشرکت data theorists اسپیناس the web brand company اسپیناس its activities in Tehran. The design of the site اسپیناس having the best team of engineering and technical has with the top brands in Iran and outside of Iran have cooperated باشدطراحی site.\\r\\n\\r\\nطراحی website اسپیناس its name from the castle that is on the tallest mountain in the city لوندیل Astara retrieved is based on this principle is based should be like a mountain to the peak of the trade shine.\\r\\n\\r\\nشرکت اسپیناس with the latest methods of coding and programming to the vision unique move is the most important achievement. high quality and extra security in the design of the site.\\r\\n\\r\\nیکی of the most important features of the company اسپیناس customer focus and complete satisfaction of each customer . Service and support needs survey, customers sync makes up will continue as long as customers need high.

    Company یوبرگ

    یوبرگ trademark and Website of the Institute the initiators of the discount leaves the scholar is entitled to institute the registration number 33707 from the year 1392 of their activity in the sphere of providing educational services and research institutes, the first level for the internet debut).

    Company, equipment, entomology, mahur

    Company, equipment, entomology, Dale is the only company specialized knowledge in the field of entomology in Iran and all the equipment, and entomology to our esteemed customers supply.\r\nشرکت mahur in the field of Biology, and supplies and equipment related to it, also have activity and of the companies active in this field.

    Manufacturing group modern metal aria

    Manufacturing group modern, wood, metal, araya \r\n Builder file, wardrobe and desk, metal\r\nگروه productive, modern, wood, metal, aria manufacturer of all kinds of artifacts, wooden وفلزی administrative and labor (the wardrobe. files. جاکفشی, etc. جاموبایلی., the desk and file rotary) with Android direct supply of production and removal of intermediation and production, sales to price, production, factory, action, to direct sales of their goods.\r\nقیمت very suitable, along with establishing system control the quality, etc. مارابعنوان a brand ideal to introduce . Be capacity the top of the molded, making orders, diverse and out of the standard ماراقادر to be accountable to the trust our esteemed customers made it and now proudly attained to the realization of the motto of their Quality, Superior and affordable, effortless in the past .

    Company کنکورآسان is

    For ad prices, number of 09383694187 call up with special discounts with you

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