• Saman Petro

    The company is a supplier of products and derivatives of petroleum, petrochemical, building materials and scrap Iron.

    Company data theorists ویراپارسیان

    Company data theorists ویراپارسیان\r\nتولید software training Mischa and industrious.\r\nاز base preschool, the ninth high school for all courses \r\nنرم software English for ages 4 to 14 years \r\nنرم software preschool for ages 3 to 6 years \r\nجهت contact us for buy Single and major way of communication, be in touch: \r\n02126318940-02126318941\r\n09018079642\r\nکانال telegram :\r\nاینستاگرام :


    Center for consulting and training specialized in the perception of green method of relationship therapy

    Atiyeh, mahan

    Registration and certification of management systems, quality, evaluation systems, quality management, environmental, safety and occupational health, security, information, energy and safety, food industry, services, audit and certification of management systems and education service representative of the company ACM

    Chess Club of Iran

    Background and activities, chess club, Iran, to the year 1388. Chess Club of Iran have been in the field of Education, chess as their first and best in this arena ... now the institution is ready in the field of sports Championship and universal ( the direction of increasing precision, focus, and IQ )to compatriots, dear, in the city of Mashhad serves.

    Institute, Tutoring, language, knowledge about

    Institute of language training, foreign knowledge contributes to the\r\n\r\nمرکز foreign languages knowledge about. 18 history of education in the field of all foreign languages. With the official record. 11655 with the management of Ms. mahmoudi. Located on the southeast side of the square, valiasr building, Trade Center, Iranians floor of the seventh unit of nineteen\r\n\r\nآموزش conversation of all the languages of the Live of the world\r\nقویترین center, Tutoring, English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese. Danish, Chinese and other foreign languages\r\nمکالمه special immigrants British Granny of embassies\r\nمکالمات ومکاتبات Brand Special merchants وشرکتهای commercial\r\nدوره, the lingo of passengers growing enthusiast to continue studying abroad\r\nدوره, particularly in the منشیها managers of companies growing enthusiast, to teach conversational language\r\nتدریس by the best professors educated the inside outside of the country, and even professors of foreign\r\nاعزام Professor, Ms. in order to teach to the children, father, dad ladies ویاخانواده,\r\nتدریس private ونیمه private institution of home, and location work all over Tehran. In the shortest time possible with the newest training methods. With the payment of tuition fees, book, installment\r\nدوره Special from basic to professional education وتخصصی all the languages of the foreign special doctors, engineers, and......\r\n\r\nاعزام immediate masters Favorites of women وآقا.\r\nآماده of contract with companies and institutions and......

    The Institute of language, knowledge about

    Tutoring Language-English Tutoring-Tutoring German language-Tutoring, French language-Tutoring Russian language-Tutoring Arabic language-Tutoring Italian language-Tutoring the Spanish language

    The Institute for Memory superior

    Language school, cultural, Arts and educational Memory superior in the field of training foreign languages, classes, skills, computer, and architecture .. held.

    Company سرمد message javed

    With over ۲۰۰۰ employee across the country Leading entrepreneurship

    Cooperative heralds the computer

    Cooperative heralds the computer registration number 395, bass, street, Shahid sadoughi

    Technology Co., afrooz, Tabriz, Iran

    Technology Co., justice in the history of 1382 number 15283 registered from that date in the park, science and technology استانآشرقی to technology واشتغالزایی well achieved, delusion, now patents دیگیر اشتغالزای as well

    Complex training, hairdressers, a certain Mr.

    Language school, hairdressers, men's Mr. special accreditation from the organization, technical and professional country, in the province of Qom, is honored with respect to the trust and ensure students dear and pay attention to the years of experience and active presence in the field of Education, hairdressers, men's, etc. is proud to announce with the aim of improving the skill level of the apprenticeship students in the professional hairdressers for men and the need of our country, to nurture the talents and forces efficient in the field of care and beauty of men and due to the growth of professional services, to provide a bed, young people enjoying science.Experienced teachers of international and committed, in the peripheral super-professional in serving those interested in this art, high-income.

    Language school the first option

    Language school the first option in the field of rental of Spaces, Training and also teaching functional skills activities.

    Complex characteristics of the good car

    In the shortest possible time, an official diploma, get\r\nترک the school, staff associate Reddy, the survivors of the study \r\nحضوری and non-face to face\r\n academic counseling admission to the University without entrance exams and continue studying in the University, guarantee of associate degree, undergraduate and...\r\nبا accreditation of the organization and technical professional with 17 years of experience\r\nمجتمع characteristics of the good car is proud to announce the professional training courses, technical and professional under the supervision of experienced teachers offer \r\nنظیر strings: Mechanical - auto electrical - industrial electrical - electrical building air 1و2و3 - accounting - computer -tourism \r\nگرافیک - مونتاژکار a-دلرکاری and saw something-training, CNG-آموزشLPG-آموزشPLC_آموزش accounting special labor market \r\nبا 6 branch active in Tehran, Iran\r\nآماده provide service to all the country and abroad\r\nجهت more information, to visit the address below, or by numbers 5-33659304 33642988 09122341165 please contact\r\nآدرس: Three-way افسریه ، بلوار 35 yards قصرفیروزه, etc., on the corner of 15متری second, in front of big chehelsotoon, etc., No. ۱۰۶ complex characteristics of the good car

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