• Zino باتاب chemistry ZBC

    Produce and supply all kinds of روانکارهای and industrial diesel oil-grease-واسکازین-antifreeze-water soap

    IRDCI - Institute for the development of the chemical industry

    پـژوهشکده the development of industries شیمیایـی Iran, the first Research Institute of jihad دانشگاهـی is agreed قطعـی it in years ۱۳۷۷ from the Ministry of science, research and technology is getting. This is a complete collection of research consisting of offices, research, etc. laboratories مجهـز, etc. similarly, pilot and production نیمهصـنعتی and also کلاسـهای آموزشـی and spaces پشتیبانـی in a complex research university, Tehran, Iran, is located.

    Manufacturing group Ilya chemistry

    Manufacturing group Ilya, chemical, manufacturer of solution of ammonia with different concentration in Shiraz actually is and its activities from the year 1396 begun. Due to enclosures of equipment, stainless steel products, the company lacks iron, oil and silica, can be. Feel free samples, and analysis of the product for the buyers sent.

    Qian, an

    Oil service company Qian an To number ثبت١٧٧٢٧, etc. in order to boom the oil industry and refining, and with regard to the policy اصل٤٤قانون Constitution and development program for fifth and sixth, the government and the Ministry of oil of the purpose, assume part of the load export country, along with the oil refinery small based on the production of gasoline, gas oil, oil, white, base oil and engine oil to capacity ١٦٠هزارتن in the year and also offer warehousing services a variety of petroleum products, it is totally internal, and also fuel production, Clean, such as biodiesel, etc. Are set up is that during the coming years to the stage of exploitation will be reached. \\r\\nدرحال present the company in the field of separation of the oil from the waxes, and the manufacture and bleaching all kinds of paraffin wax, especially the production of liquid paraffin, industrial in industrial zone of Yazd and settlements صعنتی, Valiasr زارچ activity.

    Complete, Petro-single Chemistry

    Manufacturer of chemical materials in the industries of detergent, textile, drilling

    Engine oil acceleration

    The production and packaging of a variety of oils, oil base, industrial and engine

    Company chemical industry Manager

    Company chemical industry Manager with over 15 years of experience utilizes knowledge of the day, along with employing the forces of Expert and scientific support and Technical in the field of manufacturing all kinds of oils includes oils for gasoline and diesel etc. oil, gear oil, automotive and industrial oil, hydraulic, oil, transmission, heat, oils, synthetic refrigeration compressors refrigerator and دیگرانواع oils, industrial, antifreeze, etc., glass cleaner and detergent industrial activity.All the products company, chemical industry, farzan under-rated technology company Vulcan Petrochem Ltd. England, the distinguished quality and standard of international level by using the oil base of high quality imported and most respected premium diesel engine oils developed American and European, according to the latest requirements of international standards like ACEA, API, DIN, etc., SGS, etc., CE Europe, ... production and brand Ecco V supply is. Policy the company is focused on base of the quality of the product to enhance the satisfaction levels of customers, the prevention of environmental pollution and comply with the rules and regulations of the occupational health and safety is based. Company chemical industry Manager with quest ever-increasing, research in order to achieve technology, new products, lubrication and Detergent industrial in order to develop their products continues. Believe customer, supply quality products and with reasonable prices, and timely delivery of the products core values, we have caused the persistence of collaboration with customers will be. The company is ready to cooperate with representatives spread across the country.

    Pars hope

    Pars hope in the year 1386 with the aim to optimize and control the chemical waters industrial started its activities therefore, the company to reduce the cost of chemicals consumed in various industries related to water and steam, with domestic production and reduce imports in this regard, by having a set of experts and professionals, with its ongoing efforts fail to produce chemicals, anti-fouling and corrosion, water used in boilers, cooling towers, and machine the reverse osmosis (R. O).

    Refining company, oil acceleration sirjan

    Refining company, oil, acceleration of sirjan, located in sirjan Industrial Zone, زیدآباد for 15 years of continuous manufacturing.Oil Purifier, used and produce the best base oil in accordance with the national standards and also the production of motor oil 40 and 50 and 2050, and also واسکازین and hydraulic 68 in packing barrels, 1لیتری, etc. 4لیتری, etc. 20لیتری and bucket, the main work of this company.

    The company pioneered the dildo, Foros

    The company pioneered the dildo, Foros, with the aim of producing in various fields of Industry, petroleum products, petrochemicals, in the year 1390 started its activities. A variety of products and benefit from advanced equipment, is one of the characteristic distinguishing the company pioneered the dildo, Foros.This manufacturing unit is equipped به3واحد distillation Tower 24 meter, capacity of the distillation of 500 tons per day, and also lines of color berry and isolation that modern in addition to produce all kinds of cutting oil, etc. in order to refined and improve the quality of raw materials are also used. All the operations of purification., the isolation and increase the quality of the raw materials with the use of this equipment in the same company can be done.This unit, using the 5 arm loading and 5 platform discharge the possibility of loading and unloading, simultaneously, 6 tanker is capable. Also, the company's ability to Package a variety of solvents will have to be.

    Company آیریک kian saya

    To get company information, you can visit our web-site, please.

    This company is a symbol of Khorasan

    Company نیرونماد Khorasan, in the year 1374, registration number 9753 in the field of production , design, and provide technical and engineering services and trading all kinds of machine oil Purifier ( oil, burned cars, transformer, turbine, hydraulic, روانسازها...), filtration, fuel separator material نقتی of water (aweil اسکیمر) , the separation of solid particles from water, gas, etc., filtration, and purification of SF6 gas systems flushing, etc. furnaces, vacuum test, breakdown voltage , preparation, and sale of oil, industrial , The preparation and sale of all vacuum equipment and.. enjoying the updated technology and technology vacuum having laboratories specialized was established. The company use the machinery, precise and advanced, and expert personnel and expert guarantee the best quality , the steps an effective خودکفائی this industry in the country, especially industries , electricity, oil , gas , petrochemical , steel , cement, and ... is removed and so far, more than five hundred devices with different capacities of production and also 30 devices, also to the countries of Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Yemen , Syria , Jordan , Tajikistan , Nigeria , Armenia, has issued.

    An integrated company of production of natural gas, vertical

    Sale : Oxygen ونیتروژن for liquid and gas Buy : Buy production line, gas, medical and industrial Buy tanks carrying liquid

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