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    To get more information and view all examples to the number below in the Telegram message.\r\n09102003384\r\n \r\nآدرس channel Telegram:\r\n

    Handcrafted wooden mammoth mammoth

    Handcrafted wooden mammoth, nothing like natural wood, with emotions and a sense of We cannot communicate. Due to the warmth, etc., durability, and lasting it and also the versatility of it, with their surroundings – the wood a natural choice, and the correct industry for any environment and decorative, such as furniture, wooden furniture, wooden etc and the shutters of the wooden last and highest stage of doing the decor, and the guise of an environment by the wood. Wood crafts mammoth manufacturer with the most modern venetian blinds, wooden doors, accordion curtain, woven of wooden and vertical blinds, wooden. With the variety of colors and designs and the new generation venetian blinds of wood that shutters with natural wood and textured as it is to their products, has added (like the tree that the Shell and the nodes of the tree, and the wood veins can be seen, in this new product is provided) can be said this collection is a goal given to your final choice. Wood crafts mammoth new generation blinds, wooden shutters, that with strength and durability, and yet elegance, beauty, and washable this product has provided and in a variety of designs unlimited and presentable to the fans of this product.This product of your surroundings to comfort and warmth are inviting and this feel to come there for all the time warranty and the warranty can کندهیچ instead to talk to the model and the shape and size of the window you there is no window, there is no doubt that if you choose the capability to run this product on it is not and this implies that you can Beauty and the new generation of blinds to the perimeter of your private invite.What are the things these products compared to similar items it special and different?With strength, style and natural beauty of the high variation in color that the ability to coordinate with the environment you have.No problems washing and cleaning it, the plan being it is about the same, simple,, it make a tangible difference is the durability of it because of the technique of production, the ability to adjust the light environment compared to the mood and taste you at the time of any specific demand ...

    Company هنروتجارت Assam

    The company, art and Commerce of Assam with the name of the brand rush to Iran summer of the year ۱۳۹۶ honored to obtain a representation of the official and signed a contract the exclusive distribution and sale of Group products rasch, Germany, in Iran was.

    گامان decorate javed

    گامان decorate jawed with over 16 years of experience in the arena of products and interior decoration in the field of parquet flooring laminate, floor carpet, artificial turf, trusted representatives and buyers across the country, is located

    Company engineering, architecture, پرسیاه design theorists

    The company پرسیاه • Co-engineering, architecture, پرسیاه design theorists • Top brand, the implementation of the aquarium in Iran • Professional business based on the ideas of the branding Identify the desires of your mind and what from the environment around you expect you only need to change the. change the wondrous and sensory different. Company پرسیاه and creative team. addition to satisfaction from 10 years experience valuable on your side. try to provide the services, complete and different. That, for any reason, with us you are pleased... Briefly, some of capabilities, we are below to serve you presented: • Design and implementation of professional interior decoration of home. • Design and estimate the cost of facades of buildings( not just the design and estimate ). • Consulting, design and implementation of interior decoration of office and commercial based on the ideas of branding. • Consulting, design and implementation of specialized project dacha zero to hundred. • Implementation of specialized types of Aquarium water, salted, sweet and herbal with a filtration system powerful, no need to replace the water. • Calculation and design, landscaping, روف garden, space, storage, etc. of the pond and atmospheric water, mountain water, and fire, flower box, etc. with water and... . The CEO and Chairman of Board of Director: Mohammad Reza immigrant 09128333068 Customer Relationship Management: 09101707037 The official website of the company پرسیاه:

    Company فراژه wood

    Company فراژه wood management engineer rezaei, MSC, engineering wood, from the University of Tehran, reputable manufacturer of wooden products with over a decade of continuous activity in the design and production of all kinds of Cabinet, interior decoration, departmental, administrative, and banking and decoration of gates of exhibition. it should be mentioned that all products of this company based on quality management standard ISO 9001-2000 manufacturing and warranty are offered for more information and to see sample products, please contact us 44006002 and 44006003 فراژه wood

    Company یاشیل, nature

    Company یاشیل, in the year 1385 for joint direction of activity in the affairs of the production – import – export – cars-gardening – garden green – contracting – and agricultural inputs in the registered office of companies in Tehran has been registered.\r\n\r\nشرکت یاشیل, from the beginning, its activity with the production of a variety of small devices with غبانی and green space began in the year 1386 attempted to import a variety of implements, machines, gardening and green space from the company the prestigious World was as a manufacturing company – industrial to support your products Proceed to launch the production of components and devices, small gardening and green space were:\r\nicon in this regard, the company یاشیل, utilizes specialists in horticulture and green space, qualified to design and green space development, vertical and three-dimensional was and with the goal of adding product to the cart, fuming in the affairs of the green space, to register, and patent all the products of green space, vertical and three-dimensional, machinery, gardening, his was expresses the other aspect of my abilities\r\n engineering specialists company یاشیل,.

    Company downs ایستای Alborz

    Company downs ایستای Alborz\r\nدارنده certification executive of the company Knauf Iran\r\nدارنده rating characteristics of the excellent 4-course sequential evaluation and inspection experts Knauf Iran\r\nدارنده certification of the competence of the conduct of contracting in the building and installations

    Company بکانوین

    The Office of Tehran, ashrafi esfahani خ امام حسین ع خ بوستان C 3واحد 9 phone 44422238 factory Mallard to the site visit

    Company لیانا

    Factory is a manufacturer of tiles, glass colored in the summer سال92 start activity has in the short term satisfaction of countless customers across the country, attracted perhaps one of them do you have

    Company let-downs lasting

    Engineering company let-downs lasting in the fields of interior decoration of offices, homes and also remodeling and renovation activity does

    Construction group ناتک

    Construction group ناتک its activities to be decentralized from the spring of 1383 in Isfahan started. This group now as a top construction group and the first group of Interior Architecture academic in Isfahan, engaged in the activity is also represented executive in Tehran and Bandar Abbas can be.

    Green decor

    Partitions are walls that are to separate the interiors, program, functional, flexible, and broader, widely used in the development and use of architectural space can be used. This can be divided into two categories: partition, movable partition, fixed.\r\n\r\nدیوارهای partition, moving can also be partition portable can be called that, it can be 360 degree rotated to any point rotated. the height of the removable right height 2 up to 17.6 km. the path can be with a weight of 325 kg / m 1380 kg / m, the partition, fixed the ground and the ceiling, factor wall insulation 35db-55db, etc. flexibility, promote, and gives a person can the whole process due to the amount of occupied various full. Great space to small spaces, can be divided into energy consumption of air conditioning will reduce the ... partition, fixed, includes plaque, glass, materials, frame, material, seals and hardware. the partition constant is generally of the style of glass use. glass partitions fixed, the partition walls made of glass, is hard. Material glass to glass single layer, etc. glass, double layer, and glass art are divided. They, along with the aluminum profiles, etc. hardware, Bopp sealing are installed. Installation is quick and easy, and can be with the shutters set to.\r\n\r\nنامهای other: Wall, acronyms, etc. of partition walls, etc. the exhibition active partition, mobile wall, partition, movable, wall, acoustic.\r\n\r\nویژگی: easy to install, reusable, etc., industrial use, etc., prevention of Fire, Protection of the environment.\r\n\r\nبرنامه applications: mainly for office buildings, the school, the exhibition center, etc. government agencies. exhibition hall, library, etc ... also suitable for hotel, market, room, surgery, room, meeting, training room and other places.\r\n\r\nمواد: profiles of domestic routine are of galvanized steel. aluminium, good strength, etc. high melting point, yet can be Tarzan ...

    Architects Karina

    Architects Karina year ۸۹ its activities in the field of architecture and interior design, relying on knowledge and technology, along with a team of highly qualified and expert architects and senior experts of Architecture has started.\r\n\r\nفعالیت architects, Karina, in the field of design and implementation of the system, various kitchen and interior decoration, and also System a variety of office furniture includes a variety of desk, management, etc. conference table. فایلینگ and..... Also office partition (separator style).\r\n\r\nمعماران Karina its activities in the fields of interior decoration, decoration, office, etc. home decoration, etc. روف garden (Roof Garden) and partitions of the year, ۱۳۸۹ began.\r\n\r\nThis collection with the benefit of all modern methods has managed projects in the fields of administrative, residential, industrial, commercial and..... Successfully to finally kill.\r\n\r\nکارشناسان we check from Environment, home or office environment based on the psychology of color and perception of space and compliance with the principles of decoration have been able to make their clients satisfied to have kept, and always cooperation.\r\n\r\nرضایت customers for this collection are very important and priority work.

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