• رهسازان white cane

    Charity center رهسازان white cane for employment of the disabled in the pack, food and a variety of gummi, chocolate, and ... and goods of Health. Health sit a variety of cushion, medical pillow, medical types of air filtration devices, ventilation, conditioning, water purifier, mattress, health and medical, mattress, Electric types, sensor, medical and health remain thermometers, etc. sensor, pressure, blood sugar and so on, it sells to more information with the number 02133071688-09372461439 call and to channel the company رهسازان white cane visit

    Trading company, Kia single clamps trail (ktbn)

    Trading company, Kia single clamps trail as a big company, and commercial, active in the import, export, customs clearance of goods, marketing your products abroad, and also distributor A variety of goods and products, Foreign and domestic in the fields of business, sales and agency sales is proud to serve the community of Iranian businessmen.

    Business هنامه

    Set of business هنامه, with a history of 24-year-old presence in the industry. one of the most experienced and largest, suppliers of the goods required in the oil, gas, petrochemical as well as steel industry and mining projects and power plant that has the expanse of a very wide range of customers ' needs within the country's supply. The enjoyment of managers and experts capable in the field of purchasing and supplies, in addition to benefit from the experiences of the activities of international companies and also established companies outside of the borders of Iran. هنامه to one of the sets has the ability to competitive in the arena of supply equipment replica made.

    Now leveling gauge industry

    Business services provisioning goods, tools and components, industrial lubrication, etc. hydraulic

    Engineering company نوآورهوا

    List of foreign dealers, the company, the following to being announced. Only official representative and exclusive company J. A. Becker & Söhne Maschinenfabrik, Germany, who in 1897 in the town of Neckarsulm, Germany, has been established and now with over 118 years experience in the field of production of compressors, piston high-voltage, pressure 350 bar and boosters, compressors, pressure 40 bar working. Only official representative and exclusive company BOGE Germany that in the year 1907 in the city of Bielefeld, Germany, has been established and now with over 108 years experience in the field of manufacturing screw compressors ( oil-no oil ), etc. compressors-piston ( oil-no oil ), the booster compressors high-voltage pressure is 40 times the direction of consumption on production lines, bottle ( PET ), etc. installations for division of and absorption., the generators produce oxygen gas and nitrogen, etc. تـبـدیـل کـنـنـده هــوای روغنـی the هـوای without oil ( ETC CONVERTER ) Etc. میکروفیلترهای compressed air pressure of 50 bar, etc. installations for division of high-voltage, etc. بوسترکمپرسورهای high-voltage, no oil pressure is 40 bar, etc. installations for division absorption a membrane, etc. water separator from oil, installations for division of direction, respiratory, etc. میکروفیلترهای sterile the direction of the food industry is working. Only نـمـایندگی the official and انـحصاری company TM.C.S.p.A.Termomeccanica Compressori ایـتالـیا that in the year 1912 in شهـر, La Spezia, Italy, has been established and now with over 103 years experience in the field of manufacturing units, air handling screw for fluid, air and fluid gas working. Only official representative and exclusive company ROTORCOMP VERDICHTER GmbH, Germany, who in 1980 in the city of Münich, Germany, was established and now with over 35 years of experience in the field of manufacturing units, air handling screw and separator,,,,, no oil ( ETC CONVERTER ), etc. units, air handling screw direction of the fluid gas to operate. Only official representative and exclusive company Parker domnick hunter, England, that in the year 1963 in the city of Newcastle, England, has been established and now with over 52 years of experience in the field of manufacturing compressed air equipment, ranging from installations for division of and absorption, etc. واترسپراتورها and میکروفیلترها., the generators produce nitrogen gas up to a purity of 99.9995 with the best quality production and after-sales service, etc. میکروفیلترهای antibacterials direction of taking on the hospitals and medical centers, etc. میکروفیلترهای sterile the direction of consumption in the food industry, etc. میکروفیلترهای HV to press 50 times the direction of consumption after بوسترکمپرسورها, etc. Installations for division of high-voltage pressure of 50 bar, etc. installations for division of high-voltage pressure is 350 bar, the device separator, the compressed air from the gas CO the direction of taking in firms producing beverages, کاتریج water filters with micron, different sizes and different direction of consumption in the process of production, installations for division absorption with different pressures in order to be installed on لوکوموتیوها, the construction element filters for all brands of prestigious European and American, etc. installations for division absorption هیتردار, etc. working. Only official representative and exclusive company, Parker Hiross S. p.A.A Italy, that in the year 1964 in the city of Padova, Italy, has been established and now with over 51 years experience in the field of production installations for division of high-voltage high-capacity working. Only official representative and exclusive company TANHAY PNEUMATICS CORP. South Korea, which in the year 1973 in the city of Seoul, South Korea, has been established and now with over 42 years experience de ...

    Company سوشیانس vision

    Kindly acquaints the company سوشیانس vision with a history of activity, 20 years old, and having experienced personnel regarding the supply and preparation of the required goods projects in the country in two segments, manufacturing and trading activities. 1 ) The activities of the company in the field of Commerce into two parts, internal and external division. Z - in the field of internal trade, especially in raw material supply project includes ( rebar, etc. anchor, etc., lace ), and cash sales or Credit a variety of building products include ( ceramics, tile, stone, door, wall paper, pipes, and valves ), which is Attachment A to dissect the expression is. B - in the field of foreign trade regarding the import of water pumps, pressure strong, and the device, the production of blocks, cement etc. concrete pumps, systems, cooling concrete and producing Ice, the mercenary and . . . Is that in Appendix B outlines the expression is. 2 ) The activities of the company in the field of production, in association with pump, concrete truck mixer, etc. باکت dump, and repairs construction machinery . . . Which is in Attachment C outlines the expression is.

    Company Green Allah Meru

    Company Green Allah Meru in the field of modern technologies in the arena, different, commercial, industrial, construction, agricultural activities, industry. The company with the goal of optimizing the consumption pattern and the use of new technologies and efficient in the year 1388 is established major activities of the company in the field of reduction and optimization of consumption.

    Company آریـو مـدیـــا

    Company ario media having an official representation from the most prestigious company, manufacturer of laboratory equipment all over the world, and having experienced and specialized personnel in the matter of import of laboratory equipment and medical, services in the areas of sales and after-sales service on all equipment, laboratory direction, as more and more high-level quantitative and qualitative part پژوهشـی, etc. تحقیقـاتی and quality control of the industries and centers, provide:\r\n\r\n - consulting, setup, and equip laboratory, food industry, industries, milk and dairy industries, flour, paint, resin, etc. automotive, water and wastewater, technical, ... of mechanical engineering, soils, concrete, oil, gas, petrochemical, environment, etc., universities and centers of higher education, laboratory, medical diagnostic, and Hospital, Health - cosmetics, pharmaceutical, tea, tobacco, and related industries\r\n - partition and lab furniture etc. hood and لامینار FLOW in. CLASS II and STANDARD\r\n - service, installation, commissioning and training of all laboratory equipment by engineers and experienced experts

    Company tremble, the journalists of the century

    Company tremble, the journalists of the century leading in the field of equipment sales and services geophysical, one of the companies raised in Iran. The company is also partnering with the most respected equipment manufacturers geophysical in Europe along with the increasing progress of technology in the field of Earth Sciences and Geophysics, ago goes. This company, having experienced personnel and successfully conducted various projects in the field of studies ژئوالکتریک, etc. seismic, etc. of electromagnetic processing and interpretation of the data side of the contract with the companies active in the field of services for geophysical in Iran. In the field of sale of devices, geophysical, and provide new solutions in the field of knowledge of Geophysics, the company's official representative and sole reputable company GF Instruments, located in the city of Brno, the Czech Republic will have to be.

    Company SIMA pardazan porn

    Address of company : Tehran, keshavarz Blvd, building 50, floor 6, unit 16

    Now the Iranians, instrumentation, kaveh

    Gracing the ... hereby, that all honor and inferred company the Iranians instrumentation will to being introduced. Company Iranian instrument with the aim of promoting the vigor of scientific and practical interior in the field of production, import and export of control equipment and instrumentation, and پروتکشن and stimulate and equipment, electrical and electromechanical direction steps based on the order خودکفایی further in the implementation and operation of these projects, the massive has been established. Experience has proved that the existence of مکفی equipment in advance, and the implementation of projects is very vital that has been company the Iranians instrumentation with the belief applies to the realization of this important کوتاهترین time possible from cooperation in order to company, counterpart, foreign interest, and of the extensive services they use). In the end, acknowledge it is the company Galleria instrumentation having be and experienced enough in the field of control and instrumentation, especially equipment for power plants, oil and gas, petrochemical, steel and cement its readiness to cooperation with all industries, and specialized in the supply of components and spare parts with the lowest price possible, and through the brands authentic and original چونSiemens, ABB, mature Vibrometer big Eupro, Wood, Ward, MINIMAX, NORGREN Fisher, Rosemount, Bentley, vintage ROTORK, M. S. A, Aumaو ... with the use of qualified professionals in this field will have to be declared and committed to be of all brands of authentic, straight from the agents official they are developed and certified by the prestigious international.

    Company anthology leaves پانیز

    Company anthology leaves پانیز with possession of the box, engineering, experienced, ready to provide service.

    The company Business Development so chista

    Research the market, prepare statistics and collect information, identify foreign companies interested in the market of Iran. introduction of products and services of the company to the external market, advising in the field of import and export of goods

    Science and technology lovers

    Engineering company of Science and technology, Arad with several years of experience of managers and experts in the field of construction of machines and specialized technology particularly high technology machine vision and image processing action to design and build a variety of machines sorting in various industries, including agriculture, food, industrial minerals, recycling, etc. pharmaceutical, medical, and logistics . . . Has. \r\nشرکت science and technology Arad in their machines from the latest and to-date equipment and parts in industry, machine vision, used, appreciated, and hardware choice company one of the technologies is high. Simultaneously with the hardware to day company software specialized formwith the car sorting in accordance with the requirements of the user and ' self-development, given that at any time the ability to upgrade and change it in accordance with the needs of the customer there.\r\nThis company to benefit from the latest technology and keeping up to date machines, their continuous communication with academic centers and associations and groups specialized in the field of machine vision will be on the agenda, it has placed. This company also tried appreciated in exhibitions across the world, the company has to be able جدیدترینها achievements of this industry closely familiar. The company is on the verge of becoming a knowledge-based company, along with the achievements of the new company, which, in its kind, for the first time in the country, has been achieved.

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