• Company رتوناک shaya

    Industrial Group generation ( cabin Technopark) from year ۸۳ space ۵۰۰۰ square meters was established. This collection with the years of specialized experience in the industry, the fiberglass and with new approach in advancing your goals as a leading company in the field of design and construction of the cabin, a hundred percent aerodynamic, perfectly lightweight and resistant to all kinds of Cars, Vans activity your looking for. لازم to mention the ... products and samples, presented in high quality and also the standards of your witness over the years, specialized and experiential, effective and valuable this collection is. Also, such approach, Industrial Group, century, etc. according to the research, production, supply, and support, in line with the long-term objectives and also satisfaction is significant for the customers. تامین a commodity in the electricity industry include measuring instruments وقیچی cable Barry - tools insulation-hours command, season, and...

    Company Sunrise trade East

    Company, Joint Stock Company, Sunrise trading East, in the year 1393 with the purpose of preparation and distribution of medications and materials, and requirements for food and health regarding the consumption of Crafts, food, livestock, poultry and aquaculture was established. In the field of disinfection manufacturer The Company as the official representative of the brand CID LINES to the import of a variety of materials, sterilization manufacturer pays. CID LINES, a company بلژیکی is the mission of which is to guarantee food safety from farm to table, or innovation, and innovation in products, sanitary, and is also the company to more than 90 countries in 5 continents its products are exported) that such market-wide best confidence for customers. This company with having the strongest standard of quality, such as ISO9001, ISO 2000, GMP, pharmaceutical. Company Sunrise trade the honor of presenting a variety of disinfectants manufacturer in the food industry, which includes systems of transportation, CIP, etc. sterilization equipment and devices, and.. has.


    Buy Black (blackshopping) a system of business success and achieve earnings higher.\r\n the goal of this system create the appropriate space for business and business is like buying and selling without the need for being involved in the capital.\r\nفرد stage to stage through the advice and free training to the necessary preparation, the hands will find using the techniques of the world start to achieve success in business, and kind of a life does your.\r\nکسب and versatile your Get Started of training up came, we quit, you're completely free, \r\n.For more information on the messaging site with we contact you.

    Manufacturing company حلواارده ardakan

    Company manufacturing حلواارده ardeh oil, sesame شیرینیجات yazdi

    Company Forever joint

    Group of business forever, brand forever the direction of meeting the needs of the importing country, in the year 1388 was created .

    Company office, trading, agriculture, ahmadian

    This company with experienced personnel ready to advice in the field of sale and purchase and processing of pistachio وزعفران industry and has a factory theme automatic ضبطو pistachio processing وبسته categories.

    Company Arka farazan

    Sell and export all kinds of agricultural products and ...

    پایار trade زمردین

    Trading company پایار trade زمردین(number ثبت3682) with the use of experts and professors, sales and marketing activities with your target buying and selling and exporting all kinds of medicinal herbs, vegetables dried, fruits dried, spices, etc., dried fruit, etc. has started.\r\n\r\nThis company with direct communication with the farmers, harvest, suppliers and manufacturers across the country and preparation of medicinal plants and other products for the first category and distributing them in domestic and foreign markets with good price and quality, tried to supply the required products, target markets). Commercial enterprise and commerce that in the field of domestic sales or export activities. companies. companies of essential oils and extracts. company, the pharmaceutical plant, food industry, packaging and other related industries can get your required products with quality and reasonable price and in the fastest time of the We wish.\r\n\r\nهمچنین, the trading company ready to cooperate with farmers, harvest, suppliers and manufacturers of dear across the country.\r\n\r\n\r\nعمده the activities of the company\r\n\r\n\r\n• preparation and distribution of a variety of plant han pharmaceutical, dehydrated vegetables, fruit, spices, dry, spices, and ...\r\n• export and import of medicinal plants\r\n• raw material supply companies, pharmaceutical industries, food and packaging

    Trading company Zagros

    Manufacturing company, business of the Zagros in the field of various products, including rugs, machine and handmade, and the export of this product is activities can. Explain whether the company in the form of holding in the field of products, including the export of brake pads, and food( including pistachio - dried fruit - saffron - pomegranate) activities have been For more information contact number :03155580186 central office, please contact the company .

    The Company supplies lubricant rotary industry

    The Company supplies lubricant rotary industry with the backing of years of experience and the use of force specialist, with a history and familiar name, one of the largest collections of import, sale grease and oil types, specific, specialized, and روانکارهای industrial in Iran. . This is set during the duration of its operation, is the main product of the brand, prestigious the world and Iran ازقبیلnynas,skf, mature agip, etc., total, shell ,mobil ,bp ,esso, oil crisis, oil, barking, diesel engine... in the possession of our esteemed customers, across the country.\r\n\r\nازافتخارات the company, cooperation and continuous supply of lubricant to various industries such as mineral industries, aviation industry, etc., shipbuilding, petrochemistry, power plants, projects, natural gas, South Pars, etc. power management of regional, commercial, petrochemical industries, steel, melting, Iron, cement, dig, textile, tile, storage, and other related industries, big and small.

    Consulting Engineers of modern Pars

    -ISO-SGS-BV-CE - engineers novin Pars-Export License and ISO

    Engineering Co., business Atlas equip our

    Company engineer, commercial, Atlantic equip lasting., the supplier of all the needs of the research scholars of the country. Products the company operates in two segments, equipment, laboratory equipment, Electrochemistry, and services, in two areas, design and build, maintenance and after-sales service to be provided. Company Atlas equip long-lasting reliance on that research team, their strong ability to design and implement a plan various laboratory and industrial in the field of Chemistry and electro-Chemistry. \r\nهمچنین company Atlas equip long-lasting in the possession of the dealers reputable world-wide brands in the field of laboratory equipment is able to meet the needs of researchers in all areas of security and in this regard, action is to launch the first web store laboratory equipment Country Name LabSell ( such that researchers can refer to this site the possibility of. comparison, analysis, and Internet purchases of materials and equipment needed.\r\nشماره, contact:\r\n021-66069980\r\n021-66069965\r\n09120136690\r\nآدرس سایت:\r\\r\nایمیل:\r\

    Company Ahmad sohrabi

    Translator Chinese language, with over 15yrs experience in the field of installation and commissioning of the plant .Simultaneous interpreter and counsel you in the matter of the purchase of goods and machinery transfer تکنولوژی09123249057

    Company artin Clearance Iranians

    The objectives of the company :honesty, trustworthiness, restraint The speed and accuracy of action Maintain the security, economic and financial importers and تجاران respected Provide timely information to the owner of the goods Determine the value and price of customs clearance according to the Customs Tariff

    The company may Kama

    Import, production, packaging, variety, vegetable oil, etc., sugar

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