• Blackshopping

    blackshopping is a system of business success and income is the goal, we create a great atmosphere for trade and business, you buy and sell without the need for capital. Business purpose start your training in came, we quit, you're .For information more and get the link to Ruth through the messaging site with we contact you.

    Company salt.

    The central group of factories and salt mines, - Co-dependent salt subsisting .(House of salt ) \r\nمجموعه salt, subsisting for the first time in the country is proud to inform you buyers and customers finish that salt, subsisting in a short explanation, i.e. \r\n1 - the power and the capacity of the molded 8واحد salt plant and salt mine, and salt and industrial units of edible salt \r\n2 - the highest production capacity, products, salt, seed variety and packaging in the country\r\n3 - the best service, and the first time in the salt services since ازفروش\r\n4-the biggest team, notification and advice to customers \r\n5-The preparation, production and delivery of a variety of products, salt, even to ask the esteemed client درهرنوع Analytics real-time and seeds and packaging \r\n6-the first specialized Laboratory of salt \r\n7 - and eventually groups-salt, - to validate the trust of your clients first and the largest aggregation center salt professional country است\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n********************************************************\r\nسخن CEO :\r\nباعرض Hi and courteous and احترا serve \r\nتمامی customers and buyers products salt set this \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nپس ten years of activity in the factory وبازنمک and in specialized the industry, and also the use of توانمدیها and capacities, the area of the city of garmsar as the greatest potential and having the largest and قنی the most salt mines mountain on your own, eventually, in 1388, collection, company, salt, - it aimed to integrate the sales and capacities, eight-unit manufacturing and mining salt in the region established, we \r\nدرزمان People's family ومجموعه company salt, subsisting about the component requirements and goals and line ومشی company have placed, and with the managers of the organization, both swear that we \r\n1 - organization and specialized, the industry's first purpose وارمان company salt subsisting قراردهیم\r\n2 - branding to conception a real brand in the salt that تاآن day happens to be employed with great success, salt, grain and salt, industrial, a market is quite traditional, being \r\n3 - run the concept and ...

    Company Sunrise trade East

    Company, Joint Stock Company, Sunrise trading East, in the year 1393 with the purpose of preparation and distribution of medications and materials, and requirements for food and health regarding the consumption of Crafts, food, livestock, poultry and aquaculture was established. In the field of disinfection manufacturer The Company as the official representative of the brand CID LINES to the import of a variety of materials, sterilization manufacturer pays. CID LINES, a company بلژیکی is the mission of which is to guarantee food safety from farm to table, or innovation, and innovation in products, sanitary, and is also the company to more than 90 countries in 5 continents its products are exported) that such market-wide best confidence for customers. This company with having the strongest standard of quality, such as ISO9001, ISO 2000, GMP, pharmaceutical. Company Sunrise trade the honor of presenting a variety of disinfectants manufacturer in the food industry, which includes systems of transportation, CIP, etc. sterilization equipment and devices, and.. has.

    Company رتوناک shaya

    Industrial Group generation ( cabin Technopark) from year ۸۳ space ۵۰۰۰ square meters was established. This collection with the years of specialized experience in the industry, the fiberglass and with new approach in advancing your goals as a leading company in the field of design and construction of the cabin, a hundred percent aerodynamic, perfectly lightweight and resistant to all kinds of Cars, Vans activity your looking for. لازم to mention the ... products and samples, presented in high quality and also the standards of your witness over the years, specialized and experiential, effective and valuable this collection is. Also, such approach, Industrial Group, century, etc. according to the research, production, supply, and support, in line with the long-term objectives and also satisfaction is significant for the customers. تامین a commodity in the electricity industry include measuring instruments وقیچی cable Barry - tools insulation-hours command, season, and...

    Mahan, laser سداد

    The company has a large collection of graduates in optics and اپتومکانیک is in the field of software, the original optics, etc. laser and اپتومکانیک activity dramatically.

    pooia steel

    Sheet metal,amirkabir galvanized steel, shahrekord galvanized steel. , Emirates & Chinese steel products

    Company Emerald shades Alborz

    Trading company, emeralds, shades of Jan. is a supplier of variety of agricultural products ( pistachio nut, walnut, honey, pollen, flowers, dates, etc. of saffron, and ... tea ), and a variety of agricultural fertilizers and organic and vermicompost and a variety of agricultural machinery, in bulk packaging.Therefore, in this regard, the trading company زمردفام Alborz readiness of supply, any order and any consumers, especially exporters, etc. بنکداران, playback suppliers. workshops can be based on the need of them to any extent. Central office : Rasht, Gilan, Iran Blvd., next to the Governorate building agricultural third floor, unit 6 tel / fax: 2245875-0131 - cell 09113476403 Email : Managing Director : Maryam, Sidi

    Company آریـو مـدیـــا

    Company ario media having an official representation from the most prestigious company, manufacturer of laboratory equipment all over the world, and having experienced and specialized personnel in the matter of import of laboratory equipment and medical, services in the areas of sales and after-sales service on all equipment, laboratory direction, as more and more high-level quantitative and qualitative part پژوهشـی, etc. تحقیقـاتی and quality control of the industries and centers, provide:\r\n\r\n - consulting, setup, and equip laboratory, food industry, industries, milk and dairy industries, flour, paint, resin, etc. automotive, water and wastewater, technical, ... of mechanical engineering, soils, concrete, oil, gas, petrochemical, environment, etc., universities and centers of higher education, laboratory, medical diagnostic, and Hospital, Health - cosmetics, pharmaceutical, tea, tobacco, and related industries\r\n - partition and lab furniture etc. hood and لامینار FLOW in. CLASS II and STANDARD\r\n - service, installation, commissioning and training of all laboratory equipment by engineers and experienced experts

    The company kourosh magazine

    Our series in Iran and Europe have been recorded. We are prepared to any transactions used with the L / C have.

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