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شرکت DGM Immobilien AG

  • تاریخ ثبت شرکت:
  • تعداد نیرو: ۱-۱۰ شخص
  • فعالیت شرکت:
  • مکان: استان گلستان
  • در زمینه: اتومبیل و موتور سیکلت
  • نوع شرکت:
درباره شرکت
management, was established in 1390. This series with the benefit of elite experts of electronics, Computer, Mechanical, Materials and Industry, began extensive research in the field of specialized Rapid Prototyping. Machine IRAN3D in 1391 won the first three-dimensional printer was with micron accuracy. After testing procedures and improve the mechanism of mass production of the device aimed at specialized jewelry industry began. The first three-dimensional printer on an industrial scale in Tehran Gold and Jewelry Exhibition was unveiled on February 91 and welcomed the jeweler industry Gold and silver were used. The device Patent Office and industrial property 78,077 recorded and confirmed by the University of Isfahan reached. As anticipated, welcomed the class jewelry maker, three-dimensional printer devices IRAN3D, took place in 1392. As workshops and offices jewelry design from Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad and Yazd have to buy the device. Terry D program for Iran, to maximize customer satisfaction and a focus on the jewelry industry and devices with micron precision, power and speed are looking for. from October 1392, car activity iran3d in other industries expanded. The first three-dimensional printer with melting technology, and precision of 100 microns, in size 350 * 350 * 350 mm, the starting point is a device modeling industries. Machine Iran plans more current, rapid and all-round progress in making Three-dimensional printers and their customers continue to delight and surprise. strategy IRAN3D: maximum satisfaction of our customers and suppliers-to-date and accurate
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