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شرکت PECP

  • تاریخ ثبت شرکت:
  • تعداد نیرو: ۱-۱۰ شخص
  • فعالیت شرکت: شرکت بازرگانی
  • مکان: استان تهران
  • در زمینه: فروش قطعات جانبی
  • نوع شرکت: خصوصی
درباره شرکت
PECP was established in 1991 and commenced its work initially with just 25 employees in an area as vast as 500 sqm in Tehran the capital city of Iran. Creation of this firm has been aimed for introducing and identifying a large number of internal and external importing as well as exporting trading companies to establish business relationship between them. At present Parsian Enterprise as an international trading company is a world wide community with a family of 125 employees in an area of over 3000 sqm in 5 countries(China, Dubai , Germany , India and Iran ) that helps creation of affordable trading for all exporting and importing companies throughout the world particularly in Iran by marketing and providing financing and expertise to community and trading developers. Every 3 hours, a transaction in different commercial aspects is being internationally taken place by Parsian Enterprise Community Partners we helped create. Parsian Enterprise Community Partners is a versatile international organization that provides variety of commodities in different commercial aspects with a very precise and scrutinizing consideration of all tasks related to commodities\' qualities and relevant issues for importers as well as the valuable international clients for the exporters.
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